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Pep Guardiola caught Bayern – Who was taken to Munich on Wednesday?

Peps Guardiola arrived Wednesday in his former club FC Bayern Munich, as could be seen on Säbener's road. Who runs the Manchester city coach in Munich?

Munich – Surprise on the Säbener Straße! On monday on monday Pep Guardiola, former FC Bayern coach and current Manchester City team manager, traveled to Säbener StraßeThis post is personally reported by Torben Hoffmann, a reporter and former professional at Sky Sport News HD.

Therefore, the 47-year-old was the one led by a taxi in the Harlaching Records Champion's Club, and then by team manager Kathleen Krüger Imported through the underground car park to the office Service.

Hoffmann posted a picture of arriving on Twitter, but it's very little to see. "The photo did not raise, Pep had to correct," Hoffmann commented on this post. You can only see second-person figures behind the grid, but in fact Pep Guardiola could actually be.

Pep Guardiola visits Bayern Munich: what's behind it?

Last Guadalupe said that he had considered that in the spring of 2013 he had not even competed for Bayern for a reasonable reason. In the panel discussion, even his successor Carlo Ancelotti agreed that she had the same problem as Bayern.

The question is that now everyone is likely to ask: what leads to the coach who led Bayern with three championships, a two-cup win, and after the Club World Cup returns from 2013 to 2016 at his old job? The fact is: There is an international break now, so European club coaches have time for travel and meetings. After all, Guardiola will only look at his former club, especially with regard to the Reds crisis?

After all, this is the most important star, but Guardiola still maintains good contact with Munich, and also has an apartment. International breaks in which all local players travel and the top teams are trained more and more with young players is a good opportunity for coaches to take short trips.

Bayern and Pep Guardiola? The contract with ManCity lasts until 2021

For many observers, it might now be suspected that Guardiola might think of returning to Bayern due to the red crisis and the discussion of current coach Niko Kovac.

However, Pep Guardiola's return to Bayern would be virtually impossible, he extended his contract in August this year, prematurely for two years until 2021. He currently runs the Premiere League at Manchester City, won the Championship and League Cup twice with Citizens in 2018.

No announcement by Bayern Munich

Initially, there was no spark from the official side for Pep Guardiola's visit to Bayern.


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