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ÖVP appeals to suspend Kickland's General Goldgruber

The list of people was so fast that an interesting fact almost disappeared. De facto against almost all major players – from the FPÖ-vice chancellor Heinz-Christian Staree Minister for the Interior Herbert Kickl up to Secretary-General

Peter Goldgruber – presented a statement of facts about misuse of the judiciary.

The wicks were mostly part: The prosecutor to Corneuburg, where two prosecutors are now dealing with the cause of the crime Secretary-General Peter Goldgruber and Kickl cabinet staff Udo Lett as suspects. Both causes are considered to be a removable remedy


Here was a veteran of the parliament Ammon noisy End of the year Moser Survey Ammon again consulting with the Minister of Justice: did he correctly understand his statement that Goldgruber How is the suspect guided? Moser Confirmed.

Ammon It is clear what needs to be done now.

He asks for it Kickl suspension she's Secretary-General Goldgruber should be checked. Also, the argument that Goldgruber only on the suspect, but not on the accused in the procedure Ammon not. It's just a "semantic partition". The ÖVP Group leader in the BAT committee – "provisional" suspension justified. "And he continues to say that he suspects that he is"Kickl poorly or half-heartedly informed by his staff. "It can not be that" prosecutor setting for the police indicated and all Secretary-General Ministry of the Interior as a suspect, "claims Ammon,

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