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ÖFB women lose 3-0 in England


I'm Enzersdorf The Austrian women's football team has finished the 2018 International Year of the Games with a defeat. The ÖFB team won the test in a third-world championship at the BSFZ Arena Maria Enzersdorf in the world championship, earning 0: 3 (0: 1). English women again had too much Nina Burger and Co, and they also decided on a sixth direct duel for themselves.

England's team boss Phil Neville had used the game to give many second-tier players a chance. Two of them instantly get into the center, debuted at the appearance of the "Lioness" dress: 26-year-old Chioma Ubogagu gave England a 26th lead, while only 19-year-old Georgian Stanway scored 2-0 in 72 minutes, the closing point was 26-year-old Rachel Daly (81).

Offensively just seen

Only 1,000 spectators were seen offensive by the ÖFB troupe, with the exception of the Nicole Billa (16) weapon. The team's team's Dominik Thalhammer team, which took Essen 1-3 on October 6 last year, closed the season with a slightly negative balance: four wins have five defeats. The two games ended in a year when the World Cup ticket was released, with a draw.

"We want to show ourselves in a completely different light than against Germany," Thalhammer had hoped before the game. His players previously grasped the guests, energized in the start-up phase. However, the first option came from England, Toni Duggan won 20 meters from (9). ÖFB's selection was closer to the lead as the goalkeeper Mary Earps was able to shoot 20 meters from the left foot with difficulty in the bar.

The result was in the air

With the favored first-half continuation, he played better and could attack more and more often. Stanway shot off from the 20th minute at the Duggana penalty kick by ÖFB goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger (21). Five minutes later, Bayern's legionnaire, but he had to try to get away. Carina Wenninger, who appeared in the starting position for 45th time in a row, did not call the ball in the penalty area and Ubogagu had nothing to accidentally take a close shot after Duggana goes.

After the restart, the game slightly broke down, but after an hour's recovery. Replacing the substitute Barbara Dunst was too weak (63). The second England target was pretty much in the air. Nikita Parris was unsuccessful with a pole-header (66 & # 39;). Her teammates cast more hits after. After preparing Parris, Stanway stood firmly in the corner. Before the third goal, Zinsberger and Wenninger were still able to save on the Chloe Kelly final, while Stanway Margin deliest Daly reached the net.

Disastrous goal difference against England

Without their three injured, the Austrians support Viktoria Schnaderbeck, Lisa Makasu and Katharine Seehttchal, thus losing their second test to the World Cup after Milton Keynes in 2017 with a short straw of 0: 3. Previously, there were four clear victories to qualify for 2007 and 2011 World Cup. The goal difference between 1:21 and England is in volumes.

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