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Nude looks at Maturaball: "It's all about school reputation"

Nude looks at Maturaball: "It's all about school reputation"

Linz Klampfer, Director of Education, announces a conversation with director and ball organizers.

Following a nude look at Maturaball:

At the Provincial School Council, we want the content of HTL Wels to be at the forefront. (Icon) Image: icon: Colourbox

The expression of the German erotic model, Micaela Schäfer Bees, in the HTL Wels Matura Ball – with about 5,000 visitors, one of the largest Maturabälle in Austria – is now also a school institution.

In an interview with OON, Alfred Klampfer, who runs the provincial school council as a director of education, says: "We are presently presenting facts and organizing a discussion with the organizers and the ball's committee."

Although Klampfer indicates that the ball ball is not a school event, the invitation to Micaela Schäferi was presented by the Student Ball Committee. "But we assume that directors have any influence on their students."

Information sheet for all schools

In any case, he had arranged information to visit all of Maturaball's schools. "Of course, we do not have much fun with it," says Klampfer. "I envisage promoting another school, which does not help to increase the proportion of female students.

First of all, the school management has to produce the consequences. "Complaints to the parent's parents' association are not yet available," says Helge Hosiner, his deputy. He believes that "bombing" is inappropriate. But secondary school graduates have organized it, and if they think they need it, that's their decision. You are 18 or 19 years old and therefore you are old. "

Responsible for the organization was the ball chemistry committee HTL student Benjamin Bansal. "First we wanted to polarize," he said yesterday to OÖen. Schäfer's appearance began at the exhibition hall at. 1.45.

"There were almost no parents, and those who participated saw everything that was very relaxed," says Bansal. What he knows only by hearing, "because I did not see my nude dance, it does not always correspond to my personal moral concept." But "sex is selling," says Bansal. (MIB / wal / kri)

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