Tuesday , March 2 2021

Norbert Hofer stopped a blue scandal video

In Vienna Only until noon 19:00 – about 10 hours after it went online – the FPÖ general Christian Hafenecker picked up an "Ali" scandal video from the internet on which the racism was recognized. FPÖ Vice President Norbert Hofer explained yesterday: "I made sure it was quickly removed from the network." He had no "joy".

ÖVP sour. The coalition parties were negotiating on Tuesday phone calls to a video that was online against hatred just on the summit day. Coordination of the Council of Ministers – u. a. with Hofer and ÖVP Minister Gernoto Blumel – the video was also a question. Chancellor Sebastian Cours (ÖVP) did not point out that ÖVP rejects this video: "I think this is unacceptable." He also explained that in a four-tier conversation with Deputy Chancellor Strahe …


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