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New Phone Number? Take WhatsApp With You Urgently: This Case Shows It – Digital Life


WhatsApp user has shown what can happen if the courier account is not properly moved by changing phone numbers.

The Amazon employee from Seattle has done what many are likely to fear: they could follow the stranger's WhatsApp conversations. In case of change: Caution should be exercised when changing phones.

When Abby Fuller was about to create WhatsApp on her new smartphone, she suddenly saw all the news about a stranger on her screen. This is reported by t-online. Twitter's Amazon employee suspects he was probably the owner of the previous phone number. "It's not good for me," Fullers adds Twitter.

Mobile numbers are "recycled"

In the United States, as in Germany and other countries, mobile phone numbers that have not been used for a long time are allocated. So if you don't take any steps to change your phone number, the new mobile phone owner can access your chat – and vice versa, just like Fuller.

Although WhatsApp promises to delete all data stored under one phone number automatically after 45 days. It affects all chats and contacts. However, this has not always happened. Otherwise, an accident like the Amazon employee would hardly have happened. She reports that both the smartphone and the SIM card were new. The new mobile phone number has been in use for a month and a half, so the data deletion date has passed.

Is this a mistake now? WhatsApp hasn't commented on Fuller yet.

So make sure no one sees your WhatsApp

WhatsApp on your website has some tips that users should consider when changing phone numbers. "Before you stop using a particular phone number, you need to move your WhatsApp account to your new number," said. The easiest way to do this is explained here: New Number? That way, you keep your chat history in WhatsApp. If you don't plan to continue using Messenger on a new device, delete your WhatsApp account as a precaution. By the way, if you call an unknown number, you can find out what it is.

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