Monday , March 1 2021

Movie Project: Carnival: Milser Volksbühne wants to infect everyone

MILS Bujaz is dead. He was killed at night, and now the investigation takes place in Mills. What a killer? This could be anyone: a friend, an enemy, or even a mayor? The unique number – Bujaz – Milser Fasnacht serves not only as an eye catcher, but also as a secret for a criminal case.

Advance Tyrolean

Volksbjune's love for amateur actors has a special idea – as the first volksbone, Tirol, ever to create an art film. All levers are triggered to start the risk. Most people working on the project are volunteers. In normal working life, they write an e-mail, burn smoke or watch through a microscope. Even if it's a lot of work, players and organizers are real Gaudi: it becomes clear no later than Milser Reschenhof PK. In the film's presentation, they encouraged each other how well the shooting was already working. Some scenes are finished, others will be shot until December. Then come the big pieces: instead of a carnival parade movie. This project involves not only Volkswagen Mills, but also other clubs such as Matschgerer, a group, fire brigade or even a municipality office.
From 40,000 euros – for private sponsors and subsidies – the film will appear. Funding is almost guaranteed, donations, but really welcome, as there are still a few thousand euros missing. The thriller is written by Christian Pittl and written about the theater. However, as the piece was too complicated, they thought the same thing was a step further: Peppi Pittl came out of the script, and his wife Helga Föger-Pittl, who has been working as Volksbühn's director for many years.

There are no pieces in the spring

The big project at the same time is the refusal to play in the spring. Usually Volksbühne performs two plays annually. However, in 2019, power enters the movie "Carnival Fever." The trailer on already gives a "scary taste".

Team in the first film "Fasnachtsfieber"

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