Wednesday , March 29 2023

Mass tests: limited participation in Vienna, great interest in Tyrol


In Vienna On the second day of the mass tests, 56 coronavirus infections were detected on Saturday using rapid tests. A spokesman for the city’s health adviser, Peter Hacker (SPÖ), said this on Twitter in the evening. A total of 21,329 rapid antigen tests were performed at three sites, Stadthalle, Messe Wien and Marx-Halle. 56 people received a positive result and then performed an on-site PCR test as a rinsing test. This is necessary because a positive result in a rapid test can be quite inaccurate given the susceptibility to error. Another 56 people had to rinse because the nasal swab did not work. The results of these tests were not yet available on Saturday night.

In Tyrol is after the second crownMass inspection-The following is an intermediate result: 156,006 people have been tested so far – 22.65 percent of all those who are eligible for the test. 417 staff members tested positive for antigen. That equates to 0.27 percent of all tests performed, the state said Saturday night. On the second day, 79,795 people visited the test stations, 215 of whom were positive. Unlike Friday, when only 130 of the 297 test sites were initially open, the state said test stations were already available to residents in three-quarters of municipalities on Saturday. On Friday 76 197 Tyrolean women and Tiroler Is it tested Corona – there was a unanimous agreement on strong membership.

After the second of the three crown mass test days in 2007 Vorarlberg A total of 87,635 tests were performed on Saturday night. According to the national information panel, 349 (0.4 percent) of them were positive. The registration rate continued to rise cautiously to 28.91 percent. By Sunday evening, 100,000 people could be screened. However, with only 10,254 registrations registered on Sunday, the teams at 80 test stations will be halved. At 5.30pm – half an hour after the end of the Saturday test, 99,704 registrations were available for all three days. More than 52,000 people came for the test on Friday and more than 35,000 on Saturday. However, as registration for Sunday was well below Friday and Saturday, teams of 20 people at 80 test stations across the country will be halved.



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