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Linzer Tabakfabrik is the "European response to the Silicon Valley" Leadersnet

Details about Strada del Start-up presented.

With the Strada del Start-up, Tabakfabrik Linz, Europe has set up a 230-meter long production line for newcomers and innovators. Shortly before its official launch on 20 November 2018, the Strada del Start-up already has a number of inhabitants.

The innovation ecosystem is nearly 3,000 square meters

Information about the project has now been presented at the press conference "Strada del Start-up". Out of the 57 offices currently completed, which cover inner-city streets and provide around 300 jobs, about 80 percent are already "inhabited", that is, returned. Together with the factory300, Strada del Start-up creates an innovation ecosystem covering nearly 3,000 square meters and provides access to premises, events, networks, capital and talent.

There is also a park with Hollywood swings, market, grand hotel, niches, corners, lanterns, clothes rods, street signs and graffiti art. The project is implemented and supervised by the City of Linz, Upper Austria and private initiatives – the tobacco plant in Linz, factory300, the creative region Linz and Upper Austria and tech2b.

Linz is to become the most innovative city in Austria

"Linz must become the most innovative city in Austria – as a European response to the culture of setting up the Silicon Valley – it's the foundation of a thriving business, whose promotion is my main problem," said Mayor Klaus Johner at a press conference. "With the Strada del Start-up, we" Tabakfabrik Linz "create an inspirational ecosystem that is ideal for young businesses and should become one of the best addresses of the founders."

From mentors to pitching days to investor meetings: Strada del Start-up tenants receive a "carefree package" of office infrastructure and access to services or networks, innovation, creativity and outsiders Strada del Start-up draws attention from the founder of the hardware and software sector and, on the other hand, addresses established companies seeking innovative founders.

The thematic path will lead to the digital future and will move on to technologies such as virtual reality, blockade, machine science or artificial intelligence. Particular attention will be paid to the specific application of technical innovations in the industrial environment. Another focus is on "Work & # 39; Life" in new work environments and in companies that deal with lifelong learning, organizational structures, gender differences, or office architecture.

"Strada del Start-up" baptism on November 20, 2018

Within the framework of the official launch, the Strada del Start-up will be officially opened on Tuesday, 20 November 2018, at noon. 17.00 – Christening the traditional street of Claes Luger, Mayor of Linz. The program for the opening of this day's street will start at. 15:00.

Walking with the new High Street of Innovation, its residents will entertain with creative attractions and demonstrate the development of recent technology. It offers a versatile program ranging from virtual reality simulations to 3D printing to graffiti workshops. Also on the culinary and musical level, streets are the main theme – offering street music and street music. (As)

Impressions from the press conference can be found here.

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