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Karl-Valentin-Orden: Andreas Gabalier commented on criticism – Austria –

Gabalier has been criticized.

Gabalier has been criticized.
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Austrian musician Andreas Gabalier will receive an order from Karl-Valentin on February 2.

In the last days there have been voices that he does not like. Now Gabriel responds to criticism. He expects more respect for his person. Sabine Rinberger, director of Valentin-Karlstadt-Musäums, is against Gabalier as a medalist. She describes Gabriel's texts as "the right-wing populist, homophobic, xenophobic and misogynist". Valentine's family attorney expressed a similar view and accused Gabalier of an obvious "game with fascist symbols such as a cover swastika on his cover, his misogyny and his homophobia".

Gabaliers says this is criticism

According to, Andreas Gabalier is unimaginable: "If some individuals are worried about not knowing me personally, then it is not itching. […] I may be too on earth, but I will definitely not change for these people. From some envy I will not break my success story. "The singer does not respond to specific claims. He is supported by rock roll legend Peter Kraus, who will give him a prize." I know Andreas is a nice, polite and respected colleague, "says Krauss.

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