Monday , February 6 2023

Kanye West: This is a Twitter rebound


About the taste
Kanye West
(41) is undoubtedly magnificent. Until now, it was mainly related to music, slippers or women, but this time it really relates to a delicious taste.

As for nutrition, Kanye apparently is in the fast-food giant McDonald's. For this, he does not even create sophisticated ads on Twitter. "MacDonald is my favorite restaurant" on a blank evening rapper about his profileNow the question is: is it really a compliment when it comes from Kanye West, who is currently known in public perception mainly as a narcissistic, manic Trump supporter?

Exactly. And of course, Twitter was a template for McDonald's rival Burger King's social media leader. The Burger King UK official account acknowledged the potential and renewed the celebration of Kanye McDonald's simply saying "It explains a lot."

The network notes this response with nearly 800,000 likes and over 200,000 retweets and notes the wage increases required by the social media manager.

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