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Jungle Camp 2019 by Alf? These are candidates


All candidates for the jungle camp in 2019 are signatories. Meanwhile, the names of the new candidates have appeared in the media reports.

It's still a few weeks before the jungle camp begins in 2019. Just in January, slip F-to-Z celebrities back into Australian bushes. But already in the media there are named candidates who have signed an agreement with RTL. pictureNewspaper and magazine Closer only announces the first members of the jungle camp. pictureThe newspaper is known to be well-informed about RTL exhibitions, so the announcements of candidates who call for tabloids are informal.

Jungle Camp 2019: Bastian Yotta is Entering the Shrubs

He fits perfectly into a jungle camp: Bastian Yotta (43), according to the story of pictureThe newspaper will be a candidate in the 2019 jungle camp. Bastian Yotta – who is really called Bastian Gillmeier and comes from Landshut – is the perfect person for every trash in the TV format. The muscle-related protz-millionaire lives (at least according to their own data) in Hollywood and last year, with Adam looking for Eva, a sense of life. By the way, an erection that made the other candidates shout. Bens Yotta commented with both shoulders.

At the end of the show, Bastian Yotta and Natalia Osada became a couple, but only for a short time. Meanwhile, he should return to his hard hands. Previously, he had a relationship with Maria Hering, who sometimes wore the name Maria Yotta and RTL viewers as a former American DSDS player.

In 2016 they installed the ProSieben show "The Yottas!" Full Throttle Through America "- the documentary was the culmination of Bastian Yotta's courage. Lamborghini, a luxury villa and costly clothes, spoke with his then partner Maria Yotta. The Protz couple documented their exclusive lifestyle with Instagram and Facebook.

Bastian Yotta is known as a heavyweight ego actor. And perhaps the jungle camp producers said it was a candidate for this reason.

Is Bastjan Yotta going to a jungle camp in 2019?


Jungle Camp 2019: Does Alfie Go to the Jungle Camp?

Like the next picture reports, including Tommi Piper (77), German Voice Shaggy Alf, in the 2019 jungle. How things change: In 2016 he was compared to tz Still stressing he rejected the offer for a jungle camp because: "I do not allow me to make a monkey."

Almost everyone knows their voice: Alf, a foreigner who started watching television audiences in the 1980s. Father Tommi Piper has been called a beloved alien for three years. "After all, this role was even detrimental to me, because then I could not do normal things," he once said in an interview. Since Alf was dressed – and for film and television, people forget that he was an experienced actor and voice actor.

He lent his voice to actors such as Nick Nolte (77), Harvey Fierstein (63) and Andrew Dice (60) who played many films. "For three years, I had no shooting day," Piper said in June 2018 tzAs he said the tabloid, he would also be synonymous with Netflix's streaming service, Tony Danza (67), named in The Good Cop series. However, his voice was found to be too old to sync Tony Danz.

He was the German voice of Alf: Tommy Piper pulled to the jungle camp in 2019?

© image alliance / dpa / Stephan Jansen

As a picture report, you should also be a Bachelor's candidate Evelyn Burdecki (30) into a jungle camp in 2019 – which, however, is already a magazine Closer discovered Evelyn Burdecki could meet her domenico De Cicco Jungle Camp (see below). Their relationship was tragic when De Cicco suddenly became a father. Not from Evelyn A lot of talks overnight around the campfire.

Annemarie Eilfeld is a candidate for the 2019 Jungle Camp

Well, who knows her yet? In 2009 Annemarie Eilfeld (28) became known as a DSDS candidate. Especially because they are discovering performances, less due to her voice quality. Open, she married the jurist Dieter Bohlen and even described her as a "bitch". At that time she was third in Deutschland sucht den Superstar. She is still playing music. Her career did not always reach the level of Helen Fisher or Vanessa May – and it is still cautious. Soon she will appear again on television in front of a million audience. as Closer Annemarie Eilfeld, probably, is a candidate for a jungle camp in 2019.

According to People magazine, Annemarie should probably give the jungle snake. "Now she should cause more rebellion and remembrance in the bushes." And how big is their jungle camp fee? Write it Closer only: "So far, she got a statement of 2500 euros for appearance. RTL could easily be picked up now, not zero."

Annemarie Eilfeld, on his Facebook profile, points out that she will certainly not be in a jungle camp in 2019: "This has not been a debate for many years, and even if I wanted to turn it on, I do not want to go to the jungle camp Candidate," and have not said anything like that. "

But one must know: under RTL contracts, all candidates have a duty to observe absolute secrecy. Only in January, the Cologne Station, which participated in the current season, was officially announced. My goodness, but it would be cumbersome if Annemarie Eilfeld announced his membership …

Annemarie Eilfeld (28) is to become a candidate for a jungle camp in 2019.

© Association of Images / Georg Wendt / d / Georg Wendt

Report: Daniel Buchner moves to the jungle camp in 2019

Daniela Büchner The media has already been included as a potential candidate for a jungle camp in 2019. as Closer Danni Büchner is actually going to move to an Australian shrub. That would be her first appearance in the reality TV format without her husband Jens. She proved that the 408-year-old Zunder was a reality TV format in 2018's "Stellar Cottage". She and her husband Malle Jens Büchner (he was in a jungle camp in 2017) brought almost all the other participants to himself. The mood was so impressive that her husband Jens almost abandoned. Speaking of a ridiculous factor, Danny Büchner could become the new Helena Furst – and, like her predecessor, get a jungle exam.

Danny Büchner was already asked in the Instagram story if she could imagine being a member of the jungle camp. Her answer: "I never thought about it." Made with a smiley face. The opt-out sounds differently.

According to Closer, she should receive a payout of € 45,000 as a candidate for a jungle camp. She would have to receive an extra 8,000 euros to attend the "Perfect Celebrity Dinner" event later. And who pays compensation for animals in the jungle when Danny draws Bichon in the bushes?

Always Massage: Daniel Büchner goes to a jungle camp in 2019.

© MG RTL D / Bernd-Michael Maurer

All campers of the jungle camp in 2019 at a glance:

  • Bastian Yotta
  • Tommy Piper
  • Daniela Büchner
  • Annemarie Eilfeld
  • Domenico de Cicco
  • Gisele Oppermann
  • Sibylle smoke
  • Evelyn Burdecki
  • Emilia Mihailova

Jungle Camp 2019 – Candidates on the video

Did Gisele Opperman move to the jungle camp in 2019?

And again, a former GNTM candidate traveling to a jungle camp. In 2018, the transgender model, Giuliana Farfalla, was in Australia. how to Closer Gisele Oppermann, 29, is considered a candidate at the 2019 Jungle Camp.

If you no longer believe in Gisele, in 2008 you spoke with countless tears at GNTM. Regardless of whether it was the other candidates, the jury's critique or the life situation: practically nothing prevented Jesse from thriving. In the end, she eventually reached sixth place. After her time, GNTM Bromma advertised the intimate perfume "Vulva Original". After all: Giselle Jungle Camp in 2019 could offer a lot of drama.

Regarding the cost of his jungle camp, Closer writes: "For a smaller five-figure sum, they should now return them from the siege."

Gisele Oppermann must go to the jungle camp in 2019.

© image alliance / dpa / Kay-Helge Hercher

Emily Mikhailov: Just a blackjack show, then a candidate for a jungle camp in 2019?

Well, Dieter Bohlens noted that early: when Emilia Mikhailova (29) competed in the DSDS in 2018, he accused him only of participating in differentiating himself into other TV formats. She was especially noticeable with tight clothing, a smaller voice. She can speak with Annemarie Eilfeld about the success of this DSDS recipe at the Jungle Camp in 2019.

Dieter Bohlen said to Emilia: "You wanted to be acquainted. You have reached it. I'm convinced that more people from the television formats call you to get into the jungle, and the devil wants something to be the closest to see you here. "Bohlen predicted her early retirement at the DSDS, which was then held at the first thematic exhibition. But he also said: "I think we will hear and see more than you"

And you see: in November, Emilia Mihailova is a candidate for "Adam sucht Eva" in 2018. After television, Germany saw his bark on RTL, she could eat in January at a jungle camp in the scrotum of animals in 2019 and swallow cum from Busch residents. Sounds like a great TV career. Write in her jungle camp gage Closer nothing.

Emilia Mihailova is a candidate for a 2019 jungle camp.


Sibylle Rauch: Candidate for the Jungle Camp 2019

Even the 80's erotic star of Sibylle's smoke is pulling as a candidate for a jungle camp in 2019. These reports are known, at least in terms of RTL formats, well-informed pictureA newspaper.

Today's 58 year-olds still know many of the 80-year-old cinema series "Eis am Stiel". The former erotic actress is believed to collect a six-digit amount for her participation.

Sibylle Rauch was seen in three parts (and spin-offs) of popsicles. From 1987, his home town in Munich (actually: Erika Roswitha smokes) was seen in some hardcore films. Her cocaine dependence and suicide attempt, which left her film career at the end of the 1990s, ended. In 2006, Rauch worked temporarily as a brothel in Klagenfurt, Austria, and in the following years she also worked as a ring girl.

Sibylle Rauch was already on offer at Jungle Camp 2013. "At that time her state of health did not allow it," she says. picture,

Sybille Rauch 2005 (here along with Dolly Buster, Munich's erotic video store).

© dpa / dpaweb / A3608 Oliver Weiken

At the end of 2017, Smoke admitted picture: "I have spent half of my life screwed in and screwed!" By the end of 2016, Sibylle Rauch met with her new love at Alex's lowest stage of life ("I was desperate, almost powerless and homeless"). "He is my big love – my buzibar. He made me get out of it, paid me new teeth and breasts."

She reported that a few months ago picturethat she is again subjected to life: "Now I do a lot of sports, I walk twice a week and do gymnastics." Finally, she was in shape again, Sibylle Rauch said: "My dreams are back: 93-60-90, I've got muscle and weight using sport and healthy eating." In place 46, I now weigh 55 pounds. "

Did she already know about the jungle camp in 2019? Sibylle Rauch is not the first former erotic star "I'm the star – get out of here!" Before playing in the jungle camp, Adult movies also featured Dolly Buster, Michaela Schaffrath (aka Gina Wild) and Melanie Müller,

Domenico de Cicco: Bachelorette candidate for the jungle camp in 2019

The next reported candidate was Domenico de Cicco (35). A few months ago he had seen the RTL thought show "Bachelor Paradise". RTL commented on this jungle camp report as usual: "We do not participate in speculation with the program. Only before the departure to Australia in January, the Cologne Station will give the current season's contenders:" I'm a star – get me out of here! "" Officially known. "

Domenicio de Cicco also goes to the jungle camp in 2019.

© RTL / Arya Shirazi

In the performance of Doma, he and Evelyn Burdeki became a couple. A few weeks after the final Evelyn Doemnico, but through RTL – pass. The reason: She learned that another woman was waiting for Domeniko's child and accused her of cheating on her.

Domenico did not refute paternity, but stressed that she did not make Evelyn. However, so far, there has been no reconciliation between the two parties. And now guess who's going to the jungle camp in 2019 … Attention: Drum Hockey!

Evelyn Burdecki will be a candidate for a jungle camp in 2019

Then! as Closer Evelyn Burdecki, 30, is considered a candidate for a 2019 jungle camp. No, there is reunion with him, such as Domenico de Cicco. It has never been in RTL's history. Are we then experiencing bitter accusations, insults and tears? Is there a jungle camp that leads to great reconciliation between Evelyn and Domenico? Producers of the show can truly congratulate on this commitment.

Where do you still know Evelyn Burdecki? Actually only from the reality in TV format. She was already a candidate for "Bachelor", "Celebrity Big Brother" and – as already mentioned – "Bachelor's Paradise".

She writes for her fee Closer: "In order to participate in the jungle camp, she can count on at least 30,000 euros.

Evelyn Burdekki should become a candidate for a jungle camp in 2019.

© MG RTL D / Arya Shirazi

Jungle Camp 2019: Is there a GNTM Cult nominee for Klaudia with K & # 39; Geez?

Also in the media, the new name of the jungle camp is coming soon. This year there are rumors about Claudius with K & # 39; Giez, a cult candidate in Germany's next top model. Claudia published a photo in her report. The question was about the fan: "Would you go to a jungle camp?" Claudia's answer: A soothing smile. And also in Instagram, she put the question: "Why do so many of you want me to go to a jungle camp?" The opt-out looks different.

Otto Waalkes wants to go to the jungle camp: how RTL responds

In an interview, Otto Wawk was surprised by the announcement of the jungle camp RTL. Of course, but I have not been asked yet, "he told the magazine Hörzu, A truly amazing German Starkomikera confession.

The reason for the interview, which was a few months ago, was the publication of his biography "Cerebellum to All." Speaking with the magazine, he explained: "If there was a fair offer, how could I refuse it? It would be a great honor to invite Otto Wawkes to visit it." In addition, the jungle camp audience should not be underestimated. "Can I entertain even an intellectual audience," Waalkes said.

Jungle Camp in 2019: RTL Expresses Otto Vaakes's Wish

RTL has now commented on Otto Wacky Jung's plans. "We will not comment on the subject of IBES candidates in preparation for the show," said RTL spokeswoman Der West.

Only this week, Otto Waawkes received the Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier's Federal Christian Day.

Recently, RTL manager Sonja Zietlow has announced that all participants are already ready for the jungle camp.

Jungle Camp 2019 RTL: Now all IBES candidates are stuck

Obviously, RTL has already signed all contracts with candidates in the 2019 Jungle Camp. This is the result of Facebook news from John Smith's Sonia Zietlova.

On Monday, the station told them which candidates they would have to deal with in the next jungle camp season.

On her Facebook account, Sonja Zietlow wrote: "Today it will be exciting … uiuiu …. I actually get to know today that will make us happy in the jungle in January so that everything … keep your fingers crossed that we are good performers and get characters. But I can not reveal anything. I tell you right away! "

Candidates for the 2019 Jungle Camp have been announced

Although Sonja Zietlow emphasizes her secret duty, we can assume that the first words of the campers of 2019 will be shown in the media. In recent years, RTL shows have always been well-informed pictureThe newspaper, which gradually announced the candidates. And it has an extremely high hit rate, as it always appears in January, when Cologne's private station officially announces its members.

Jungle Camp 2019: Candidates are not yet publicly available

Just shortly before the flight to Australia, an RTL candidate appears in the current jungle camp relay. Until then, all media have the same answer to questions about potential candidates: "We do not participate in speculation."

Jungle Camp 2019: These rumors about candidates already exist

Jungle camp fans have to wait a bit until the new season of the RTL reality show "I'm the star – kick me out of here!" However, there are some witty circulating candidates waiting for us to sweeten the jungle camp in 2019. Jungle Camp 2018 is disappointed with ten boring candidates. Although there will be a new season, despite the poor prospects, the RTL has already been approved. It will be as usual January live in Australia broadcasting. Is RTL able to attract more exciting candidates for the 2019 jungle camp than last year?

Otto Waalkes is included as a hot candidate for the 2019 jungle camp.

© Daniel Reinhardt / dpa

According to the magazine, a very important application in the battle for the Jungle Crown should be applied HORRIS already received: Comedian Otto Waalkes would like to move to the jungle next season but have not yet received an invitation from RTL. "If there was a fair offer, how could I refuse it? It would be a great honor to invite me there," said the 70-year-old. However, as you know, you can not pick up all comedy notifications at face value. Probably the jungle camp application is just a gag.

Jungle Camp 2019 maybe with a former football player again?

As you know, former footballers are part of the jungle list. It's quite possible that the jungle camp is 2019 B
undesirable league attacker Jürgen Wegman
n (54) following Thorsten Legat and Eike Immel. Two years ago, he told the Observatory that he could well imagine his entry into the jungle. With his famous saying "I'm more poisonous than the most poisonous snake" and his nickname "Cobra," he definitely decided to do it. And financially, Jürgen Wegmann, who played FC Bayern, BVB and Schalke, had a great jungle camp. He is currently living with a disability pension.

Of course, RTL, like every year, will send back partly known TV stars from common realities such as Deutschland sucht den Superstar and Germany's next model to the jungle.

Will Vanessa May become a candidate for a jungle camp in 2019?

This is a celebrity, for example Vanesa Mai Speaking about a candidate for a 2019 jungle camp, of course, it sounds like a joke. Her career is still pretty good, she might think, as if she had to do an Australian shrub. In fact, Schlagerprinzess was asked in an interview with Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger if she could imagine participating in a jungle camp. Your – not surprisingly – answer: "Clear no, I do not know what to do there." 2019. We certainly will not see Vanessa May's jungle camp in the year. It is possible that this forecast can be done without hesitation.

Would this candidate be popular: Calmund Jungle Camp 2019?

And then it is Rhine Kalmundformer Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Head of the Federal Reserve. As he discovered in a previous VOX exhibition Grill Den Henssler in 2017, he was interested in getting to the jungle camp. Undoubtedly, Calli would be the most handsome candidate. He himself would not be completely unwilling to participate in his admission. Only: pound health XXL person is to move to a jungle camp, possibly in this way.

In the past, there were some members who left the camp because of health: Helmut Berger, Gunter Gabriel, Rolf Zacher, Giulia Siegel and Lisa Bund. So, of course, we will not see Reiner Kalmund in 2019 as a candidate.

The Jungle Camp 2019 must take place without this hit star

For the long time before the jungle camp, 2019 candidates have already known the first cancellation. Fans from Tony Marshall unfortunately, the participation of 80-year-olds can not be expectedas shown in the picture.

Though Tony Marshall had wanted to be there – and had already planned a fee of about 300,000 euros for his fund – but banned him from wandering his doctor's journey. It is alleged that the pop singer suffers from heart failure, which makes it impossible for him to fly a long flight to Australia.

He would have wanted to be there – because of his heart's condition, Tony Marschall had to stop the jungle camp in 2019.

© Uli Deck / dpa

Jungle Camp 2019: Dagmar Frederic refused to visit twice

The German singer, dancer and DJ Dagmar Frederic, who has recently been amazed by his critique of Thomas Gottschalk, has apparently already twice received an offer to take part in an RTL jungle camp. "But that would be a question for me. I do not want to distort my image, which I created after 54 years," said Frederick pictureInterview adding: "Besides, I do not fail any errors."

Additional incentive for candidates for a jungle camp in 2019

By the way, the promising Jungle Camp 2019 candidate is a lucrative RTL upgrade: among other things, Queen Jenny's 2018 Jenny Frankhauser successor for the first time next season Profit of 250 000 Euro receive as a reported picture.

RTL official approval is still under consideration. Obviously, it's very necessary to win: this year, it's very difficult to find candidates for a jungle camp, an online portal.


Incidentally, RTL will launch a new TV show in early November. The rapporteur is only 25 years old.

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