Wednesday , February 24 2021

iPad Pro 2018 and Apple Pencil 2: The first look inside

The repair of the iPad Pro is tough: the tablet's solid gluing can only be removed from the chamber and with great caution as iFixit demonstrates by dismantling the new 11 "iPad Pro but lacking the display tape on the inside of the cable, so it should not accidentally be damaged when opening, notes the repair service.

Replacing the screen allows access to the motherboard and the battery: the battery is now again fixed to a repair-friendly laminate tape, explaining the repair sheet. But Apple also uses glue to secure the battery – making the battery change is much more difficult. Also, the motherboard is still stuck. Unlike the lightning port, the iPad Pro 2018's new USB-C port is "completely modular" under disassembly, and can be replaced in the event of a defect, regardless of the motherboard.

Upon completion of the second-generation Apple Eyeliner, iFixit has discovered a capable sensor that is wrapped around the inside of the pen. This could facilitate the operation of other gestures, as a precise point of contact should be defined. At the moment, the new pencil reacts only to double-click, for example, to change the tool used to paint, or to display a palette.

The adhesive tapes point to a simple battery removal, but it's also glued.

(Photo: iFixit)

On the internal repair scale iFixit gives the new iPad Pro 3 out of a possible 10 points, which is one point more than the previous model received – the higher the value, the easier it is to repair. Although Apple continues to rely on a large amount of glue to provide all the components for the iPad, the manufacturer seems to be paying attention to somewhat better updates, so iFixit, on all three newly created product lines, the iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini 2018.


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