Friday , October 22 2021

iOS 12.1.4 will be released next week>


The Bug-fix iOS update, which will address Apple's announcement of a serious FaceTime vulnerability this week, is scheduled for next week. Until iOS 12.1.4 is released, FaceTime group calls will remain disabled.

System condition at face time

In Apple's announcement that the company has sent a number of US media, the group thanks the users for their patience and makes sure that community reports of error messages are growing faster (and are therefore taken seriously) should.

Shortly after the announcement of the FaceTime vulnerability, it turned out that Apple had been aware of the error a week earlier, and the image and sound of the called person could be transmitted without making active calls. The corporation has now clearly apologized for this rapporteur.

Apple statement in text:

We have solved the FaceTime security error on our servers and next week we will provide a software update to re-enable this feature. We thank the Thompson family for reporting errors. We apologize to all affected customers and anyone who is worried about this security issue. We appreciate all patience when we complete this process.

We want to assure our customers that we have disabled FaceTime group calls immediately after our engineering team has been able to identify the information needed to reproduce the error. We then immediately started troubleshooting.

We will try to improve the process by which we extend these reports to get them to the right people as soon as possible. We take the safety of our products very seriously and continue to do our best to earn the trust of our customers.

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