Monday , March 1 2021

"If the offer meets, then there is enough talent"

"If the offer meets, then there is enough talent"

Linz The Deathlon Union is number 1 and it will remain.

When the head of TGW's decathlon union Roland Werthner introduces the media to the end of the season, he can always talk about many numbers. The fact that the athlete wrestler once again won the Austrian champion this year as an outstanding first number would have been too banal to a sports scientist. Yesterday he supported the club's dominance with his brother Georges with extensive statistics and long column numbers. Thanks to the impressive telemetry data on success, there are many people who love and live in athletics. This message can be read across a wide range of file lines.

"Even if everything does not work, we've become an Austrian model club," says Roland Vertner. After years of intensive development, the club's ambitious pacemakers now believe it to be a kind of "return on investment". Not really financially – without the logistics company TGW as a sponsor, the main project would not be feasible in this respect, but for the sport, the harvest season has begun.

A lot of influxes in the offspring

In addition to the sovereign victory in the ÖLV Cup, with 207 clubs in Austria, this year's decathlon union won 43 Austrian championships and also appeared internationally. The most important were the sixteen silver medal for Sarah Lagger below the 20th World Cup finals and Johanna Plank's bronze for over 100 meters in the European Youth Championship. Other top people like Leon Okafor (decathlon) or Susanne Walli (400 m) can also nominate the Ombudsman for Summer Games 2020.

Especially pleasing is the wonderful influx of new entrants. The word has come to know that the decathlon trade union is very well positioned in creating talent. "If the offer is appropriate, then there is enough talent," says Roland Werthner, who cares about 80 players and 50 children with his training team.

The coincidence is that the decathlon union also runs championships in almost all junior classes. "If there were ten such clubs in Austria, we would be the highest in Europe," says Rolands Württerer. And his numbers prove it correctly. (CH2CH2)

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