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"Hypocrite!": Scandal during Sobotka's speech


On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the November pogrom, the youth commission of the Jewish community, for the fifth time on Thursday evening, called for a commemorative proclamation "The Blaze Light". In the closed rally in Judenplatz, IKG President Oscar Deutsch and chief rabbi Arie Folger, as well as Austrian Holocaust survivors and Republicans spoke.

"There were gas chambers at the end and the beginning of hate"

"The Holocaust is not from heaven," said Folger. On the contrary, there would be a "bloody anti-Semitic history". Germany also warned not to consider November's pogroms as a separate event: "It was 80 years ago, but it was not only 80 years ago." The November pogrom was "neither the beginning of the time nor the end." "There were gas chambers at the end and there was hatred at first". In this sense, it's important to be modest about anti-Semitism and racism, because remembering "it only makes sense if we learn from it". In German, in addition to illuminated words, there was a joy in joy, namely, "that we are here today with our friends from Israel."

The so-called group is the more than 70 Austro-Schoah survivors who have now attended the invitation of the Federal Government in Vietnam. Two of them expressed their childhood memories of the November pogroms in short speeches. In addition to destroyed shops and synagogues, they also remembered how "people not only kill, but also kill".

Sobotka commemorative procession © APA / HERBERT NEW BUILDER

Protesters called Sobotku

These republics were represented by Wolfgang Sobotka, President of the National Council, and Karoline Edtstadler, State Secretary (both ÖVP). They stressed Austria's historic responsibility. Sobotka repeatedly disturbed the challenges of shame. Demonstrators failed her because the coalition with the FPÖ was among other things a hypocrite. The organizers asked to leave political disputes. The disturbances did not stop until Sobotka left the stage.

Demonstrators were Thursday demonstrators against the turquoise government. This was announced by spokeswoman Sobotka, referring to the APA police.

Jews were killed, arrested and deported

In November 1938, at least 30 Jews were killed in a pogrom, 7,800 arrested and 4,000 deported from Vienna to the Dachau concentration camp immediately in Austria in November 1938. Thousands of synagogues and shops were burnt across the German Reich, while at the same time 91 people were killed in the official reading, but in reality many people died during the pogroms and, as a consequence, died. More than 20,000 people were arrested.

On Friday, the actual anniversary of the events, which was fought as a "Reichskristallnacht" from the Nazis, is scheduled for further commemorative events.

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