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How does the printer work after striking again


If the printer does not work, it often helps. Press some printer buttons. These are the secret key combinations of major manufacturers.

Sometimes the effort to find the root cause is too great. It would be easier to restore it – so that everything returns to zero and starts from scratch. Problem with printers: they do not have a special reset switch; it's not obvious – for example, with a router – how to restore the device. Mostly you need a special combination of keys or similar tricks.

These secret keys can be found on the following pages for the most important models. However, we start with a brief overview of which problems can be precisely determined by resetting, because even this is not always obvious.

The printer is locked

Capture the printer and even a regular reboot does not do anything, it can help reset. After resetting, the printer is completely reset to the factory settings. All settings and network connections are deleted. Although it works a bit with you (you have to do all the settings again), the usual problems are usually solved. Exceptions to this are hardware mechanical defects. After all, if the problem recurs after a complete reset, you know that something is likely to be physically broken.

ink overflow

Another fuss that can be solved by resetting is a "full" overflow tank. This is a problem with inkjet printers only. They have a refill tank that collects excess ink. Logically, this container is finally full and emptied. It's pretty boring and not possible for all printers themselves. Additionally, if the printer reports a complete overflow container, this does not mean that the container is really full.

Cause: Most printers effectively measure the contents of the overflow container, but simply display an error message after a certain number of print jobs. It is therefore very likely that there will still be plenty of room left in the overflow tank at the time of the warning. Restore restores a print job counter for these printers, which allows you to get rid of an error message and continue printing.

Reset cartridges

In addition to the printer, you can also reset the ink cartridge because today's cartridges contain not only more ink tanks but also electronic components such as measuring devices and meters. It helps in different situations:

  • The print cartridge is shown as empty, but there are still some ink.
  • The cartridge must be filled manually, but the printer is recognized as blank.
  • You have posted a new cartridge, but the printer is deemed to be empty.

Even ink cartridges can be restored to many printer models

(Source: Pixabay / gotapic)

In these cases, re-setting can again make the cartridge functional. In the first point, joy should not be a long time, because even if most cartridges are displayed too early as empty, often there are not so many colors. It may be worthwhile to reset it once or twice before the cartridge needs to be restored before each print job.

Refer to the following sections for instructions on how to reset the cartridge.

Recovery methods

Unfortunately, resetting the printer is not as easy as resetting other devices. Most manufacturers have no mechanism.

This is partly due to the fact that many printers are built entirely differently and use different buttons. For example, use the keys left and home There are no questions about the refresh buttons for all the latest touchscreen printers. After all, the recovery mechanisms for the series of devices are almost always the same. But: it's possible that the methods described do not work on all devices.

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