Wednesday , September 22 2021

Hockey bags were lost: ÖEHV games were postponed in Poland

Author Alex Gruber

Innsbruck – the earliest bird catches the worm. And so the main Roger Bader of the ÖEHV team is already looking to answer the first questions in Poland in Gdansk against Norway, Denmark and hosts in the international format of the A Championship in Bratislava (SVK / May 10-26, 2010). However, the Scandinavian test has a late stage. When traveling to Gdansk, eleven hockey bags were lost at the Frankfurt airport. Since they were not arrived, as was announced before. 8:00, the ÖEV team managed to postpone the game scheduled for noon. 14:00 in Norway at 10:00. 8:30.

The Innsbruck shark Filip Lindner returns to red and white clothes.

– gepa

With the Vienna striker, Rafael Rotter, who was not able to accelerate this season with Erste Bank Eishockey Liga (only 8 points), recently returned a long-running column. The second nominated Daniel Vogger is next to his Linz counterpart Brian Lebler with the 30 Lenzen senior crack on board. A fact that can be written to Clemens Unterweger, the new defense network for himself. The 26-year-old East Tyrolean has already had the last successful A-World Champion in Copenhagen already in nine other places in the current team. The Innsbruck Shark, Filip Lindner, is the victim's injury selection.

After landing in Poland returned Lindner spoke. Knowing that despite the recovery, "everyone in the team has to fight for the liver." The selection of Roderander Bader outlines Lindner's statement: "New and alive." Nachsatz: "It's important for young players to get an international experience. Perhaps many will be successful in jumping overseas."

The 23-year-old defender quickly collects the attributes Bader asks the national team: "He wants us to play a lot of skate, move and play fast. We should also be overwhelming and provocative." Without Red Bull Salzburg Cups Mario Huber, Daniel Jakubitzka and Co are still involved in the championship hockey league – the results are not the best in Poland, but then also the development process.

A-WM has three strong tournaments for the next calendar year, a total of 16 international (almost all against A nations) and six training camps. This intense preparation stumbles in addition to the league's everyday life.

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