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Hannelore Elsner: Deliberately Hidden Disease – Details of the funeral leaked

Hannelore Elsner died of cancer at the age of 76. Her illness apparently kept the actor's secret for a long time. More about funeral tricks.

Update from April 27: Colleague Michaela May, apparently, knew Hannelore Elsner's health. "I knew Hannelore had been struggling with health for years. She also hadn't been good lately and she boldly fought against cancer," she said.

Hannelore Elsner: Deliberately Hidden Disease – Details of the funeral leaked

19:28 Five days ago, many legendary drama legends Hannelore Elsner died of possibly cancer. More and more information about her funeral goes through. Bunte reports that the family in Burghausen, Bavaria, has a family tomb. Hannelore Elsner was born there. It is unknown whether the deceased at the age of 76 is buried in an actress. However, as the tabloid wants to know, there will be a public funeral service. Son Dominik himself took care of the funeral of a private, close family.

Updated on April 26, 7.26 clock: It is still unclear where Hannelore Elsner is buried († 76). Munich's mother lived in Frankfurt am Main (Hesse) for years. as picture Hessischer Rundfunk plans to broadcast a "crime scene" in Frankfurt on April 19, 2020. Sunday, exactly a year after her death.

Hannelore Elsner hid the disease for good reason – the expert suspects the cause of death

April 25, 13: 13 Mayor Reiter has expressed his condolences to his son Dominik: "The news of your mother's death Hannelore Elsner has moved me a lot on Easter Sunday. On behalf of the Munich City Council and first of all, I would like to express my sincere condolences to you … now has become her place of death, and her life circle is closed here. The life of this great actress will never be forgotten. My thoughts these days are you and the rest of the poor, ”wrote Ratshaus-Umschau.

Update from April 25: Cancer does not come overnight. He sneaks up and knocks again at the door. Sometimes the disease lasts for several years. Hannelore Elsner has apparently led a lonely fight, only a few were started as it was said.

"Hannelore wanted her to be treated as always. She knew she would have to act differently if she had made her illness public. And she didn't want her. She didn't always want to remind her of her illness. In fact, Hannelore was terribly afraid of death because she so much loved her life, "Confidential said" Bild.

News from April 24: Hannelore Elsner is dead – celebrity expert suspicious of moving news

13:05 Dominik Elstner lost a few days after his 38th birthday to his beloved mother, Hannelore Elsner († 76), who was reported to have had a very close relationship. Now Dominik talked about Instagram. He put his mother's photo: "I love you mother, forever and ever," wrote Dominik. He shares his radiant mom with a red umbrella.

Video: Hannelore Elsner's son is talking

Update from April 24: For many, the news of Hannelore Elsner's death was a surprise.colorful-Finished Patricia Riekel had at least a feeling of actress health problems, as revealed in an interview with "She had cancer, and I would say that maybe something was in the lungs, she was a heavy smoker. But this is my speculation," said a celebrity expert. "Internal people are only aware that she is severely ill for two weeks. She was in the hospital and got her name. "She was last seen in the premiere of" Cherry Blossoms and Demons "." She looked a little fragile, but she didn't seem bad The only thing that was amazing was that she wasn't behind the movie, there was no party. "

News from April 23: 76 years old: actress Hannelore Elsner is dead – BR is changing her program

18:32: The Bavarian Radio (BR) is changing its program in the event of Hannelore Elsner's death. "Hannelore Elsner was a great actress who has made German film and German television for over 50 years, like no other. She has long been a member of BR and was most surprised by Doris Dörrie's" Big Rudolph "as Rudolph Moshammer's mother and just a few weeks ago Cinematography with BR production "Cherry Blossoms & Demons." He will always be remembered through her films and unforgettable roles, "said BR TV director Dr. Reinhard Scolik in a press release.

On April 23 at 8:15 am BR will broadcast "Tatort" episode "Schicki Micki" (1985), in which she played a journalist in honor of Hannelore Elsner. On April 24, the short film "Alles Liebe" (2009) will be hosted by Hannelore Elsner. Radio Bayern 2 wants to repeat the same day at. 16.15 with a talk show with Hannelore Elsner.

Actress Hannelore Elsner is dead – the cause of death is already known

17.08 clock: Now more and more stars and actresses are leaving. The mobile words were now also a colleague of Matthias Schweighöfer. In short, he explains: "We miss you. Thank you for allowing me to work with you again. You know, I think you're big and I always fell in love with you."

16:17 After an astonishing death, the actress now also praised Bavarian Prime Minister Mark Seder. In Twitter, he published: "Bayern mourns Hannelore Elsner. She was a great artist and personality. We'll be playing Hannelore Elsner very much."

Update, 16.07 clock: "As Hannelore Elsner's family lawyers, we have a sad duty to inform the public that Hannelore Elsner was surprisingly ill and fell asleep on Easter Sunday," explains Family Lawyer Matthias Prinz. For more information, Prinz did not want to comment on respect for the family.

76 years old: actress Hannelore Elsner is dead – the cause of death is already known

Munich – Germany is hiding as a drama icon: Hannelore Elsner is dead tz At the age of 76 she was diagnosed with cancer on Easter Sunday. Elsner closed the Munich hospital forever. Few of them were aware of their dramatic health, and the medical staff also sought the greatest freedom of action. For example, a patient in a hospital was not included in her real name list, but with a pseudonym – the usual practice in clinics where public workers are often treated.

Hannelore Elsner: Professional to Death

Hannelore Elsner just wanted one: to work. Despite her serious illness, she stood in front of the camera to get a new ARD movie called Long Live the Queen. She plays Günther Maria Halmer on the side, a successful leader and not always a successful mother who urgently needs a donor kidney. Like a full-time professional, she learned the role of a dead woman. The end of shooting, which is coming to an end, has not experienced a passionate character actress. As her condition continued to deteriorate, Elsner had to accept the Munich clinic. Her hopes that she would be able to come back again to turn off the last scenes were not fulfilled.

Your life – destiny

Elsner, who was born in Burghauzen in 1942, suffered an earlier childhood: two years older brother lost his life on the low airplane at the end of the war, and when Hannelore was eight, her father died of lung disease tuberculosis, but Elsner bravely mastered his fate – and has earned his six decades of film and television career as a reputable actress. Diva, who has won several awards, is still in the cinemas to see Doris Dörrie's "Cherry Blossoms and Demons", a sequel to the successful "Cherry Blossom Hanami" movie from 2008, which was released in cinemas last month. During the premiere, Hannelore Elsner boldly smiled at the side of Elmar Wepper, a partner of the film, on a flashing lightning storm. The show had to continue – and cursed cancer should not become the main actor.

Another personality died at Easter. Nearly 80 years old she still rounded the world. And even a popular radio host died recently quite surprisingly. He still lived on Tuesday. Now, the TV legend, Frank Elstner, was shocked by the shock confession. The moderator was seriously ill. On Friday, Germany's most famous fashion blogger died at the age of 34.

A famous actress at the age of 88 died in Lake Starnberg.

Video: Hannelore Elsner died of illness

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