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Grasser Lawsuit: Meischberger requests a forged contract

Vienna – Former FPÖ Secretary General Walter Meischberger at the Strafton Court in Vienna is trying to do wrong defense tactics in court fraud. Already on the second day he is acting as a defendant for Marion Hohenecker, who has deliberately signed a pseudo-contract for the sale of his villa.

He explains why he still opposes the eviction of his house so far, although he sold the building to pay the tax debt or as Mischberger stressed. The new owner now demanded eviction, while Meischberger started a civilian costume – with false information as the prosecutor claimed and therefore accused him of trial fraud. After all, the former politician had to leave the villa of Derblinger.

Prosecutor sees defense "fog grenades"

Today on Thursday morning, the Straflandesgericht in Vienna stressed Meischberger's lawyer Jörg Zarbl that the behavior of Meischberger would not have caused any harm because the accused Mietentgang did not happen as a new owner because of Meischberger's counterclaim against eviction, which costs € 5,000 a month every month. Attorney Alexander Martarte did not allow it to apply because it was not a rental, but a security deposit to delay Delogierung. He talked about the defense of the "usual fog grenades".

The causal process of fraud, in which Meischberger is the only defendant, is incorporated in the Grasser trial. If the judge, judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers have finished their questions with Meischberger, it returns to the subject matter of the actual process – the sale of state-owned Buwog sales and tax offices to the Terminal Tower in Linz, which is suspected of corruption. The first defendant is former Minister of Finance Karl-Heiner Grasser (FPÖ / ÖVP), the second defendant is Meischberger.

The first witnesses are invited on 19 February

The procedure has been going on for more than a year, and on February 19 the process of submitting evidence, ie the first witnesses, will begin. The most important witnesses are two former cabinet members who were in the then black-blue government of Chancellor Wolfgang Schloel (ÖVP). It is claimed that they have confirmed to the prosecutor that Grasser and some of his friends are planning to earn money illegally from state privatization, which Grasser and Meischberger strongly deny. However, former lobbyist Peter Hochegger made a partial confession at the beginning of the trial. (APA)

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