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Fritz Wepper: Mrs Angela dies after death at home – a known cause of death


At the end of the year, the wife of actor Fritz Wepper died. It had fallen, but in reality everything was not so bad.

Angela Wepper (76) has died and she died on Friday morning at five hours in Shen-Clinic Vogtareut on brain bleeding. Absolutely surprising. As he had to learn from the family environment, the wife of the actor Fritz Wepper (77) fell home on 27 December, then arrived at the hospital on 28 December. At first it wasn't that bad. In recent years, Angela Wepper has fallen more often, after countless operations on her feet, she was not very stable on her feet.

Angela Wepper had recovered from surgery

But her death hit the family and the friends were not getting ready. Only in December, Angela Wepper had recovered from surgery, her sleep artery closed with deposits. And, as she said, she had just jumped over the deadly knot.

She was convinced again, hoping for Christmas, especially for the five grandchildren she loved for the rest. A balm for her soul, a balm for a heart that has suffered so much. Just in the summer, Angela von Morgen said goodbye to her sister Felicitas, the Countess of Piccolomini, who died of cancer at the age of 69 years.

Angela Wepper (76) has died and she died on Friday morning at five hours in Shen-Clinic Vogtareut on brain bleeding.

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And again and again this man, shown by her husband Fritz Wepper with his former lover. The director also saved the actor's life after he had come to the hospital after blood poisoning and infection at an artificial heart valve. And Angela Wepper has repeatedly offered her a hand and arranged her with an illegal child, yes, even shut her heart because the girl could not do anything about this family relationship. And they live just a stone's edge from Weppers House.

The family crisis physically and mentally tortured Mrs von Fritz Wepper

However, this marriage with third party Angela Wepper is becoming more and more difficult. "Physically and mentally" she was at the border, she said nine months ago against tz. Since she was just breaking the rib, Angela Wepper was at home, her re-acting leg never healed properly. In addition, there was a shoulder fracture effect.

Family Crises – In the past, the fun loving Angela liked to be overwhelmed by parties in Munich. The transition from Sauerlach to Tegernsee 2009 should be a new start. But it took three more years before Fritz Wepper officially separated from his favorite.

How much can a person endure? Angela Wepper has done a lot. But also full of joy and intense life. Despite all that, she loved her charming Fritu for over 40 years, and she wanted her to be old, despite everything. In 1979, they were married, their daughter Sophie (37) being the culmination of their love. Their wedding two and a half years ago with David Master and the birth of Little Claire a year ago was one of the last great moments of happiness in Angela Veper's life.

Fritz Wepper mourns his wife Angel (archive photo from 2008).

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Fortunately, again, comedian Angela von Morgan contacted former rider Ferfried Prinz von Hohenzollern (75). BR dictator (about two years ago was a colleague of Ruth Kappelsberger, Annette von Aretin and Carolin Reiber), married in 1968 to Prince Sigmaringen of Hohenzollern. Two princesses crowned this happiness: Valery-Alexander, married to Brenske (49) and Stephanie Michaela, married in The Hague (47). Her mother Angela von Hohenzollen lived in the highest circles, but in the long run she did not win.

Fritz Wepper's wife once said, "I am not sorry for the day"

Then played Fritz Wepper. In the Oktoberfest, Corn dismissed the arrow. She found her sexual and the dazzling life on her side was so much more exciting than her nobility. In an interview she once said, "We had an exciting life full of passions. I don't regret the day." And even if friendship with Fritu has given way, she regretted the day. He was a wonderful father – also to her daughters from her first marriage to Prince Ferfried.

In recent years, Angela Wepper had several years of cooperation with Ted Kennedy († 2009), the youngest brother of US President John F. Kennedy, whom she met at P1. She once told Bunte magazine: "It continued for almost three years, the rest can be thought, but it was a luxurious time." Yes, Angela Wepper also knew how to enjoy life. Her radiant laugh – it's forever.

The family is in shock, including Ferfried von Hohenzollern, who has confirmed his death on tz and Bavarian Leopold Prince. Fritz Wepper friend, cosmetic surgeon dr. Werner Mang said, "I'm very sorry for Angela, she was great!"

Suddenly he died: Fritz Wepper mourns his wife, Angela

Initial message: Munich – Great Wepper in a Great House! as colorful Angela of Fritz Wepper died early on Friday morning. She was 76 years old. The wife of Fritz Wepper's brother Elmar has confirmed the sad news for the magazine.

In December, Angela Wepper said picture: "My semiconductor was also 99.9 percent. I live with the sword of Damocles over me. It was only the last twelve. I could have had a stroke at any time."

Also in recent years, Fritz Wepper had more health problems. In 2017, he survived a serious operation in his heart.

Video: Mourning for Angela Wepper

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