Wednesday , March 22 2023

Friday Magazine The new Gillette commerce creates a feeling


Would it be men who cheer for tricks or men who whistle after women: this inappropriate behavior must end, says Gillette – and now with a new video dusty masculinity image.

In almost two minutes, commercial clips are displayed on the # MeToo movement, sexist movies, and violence between men. Voice-free voice asks: "Abuse, #Metal movement, toxic masculinity … or is it really the best man can get?" Later in the video, men intervene in the following incidents: For example, a guy who harasses women on the street is now seen in another.

Opinions differ

Thirty years ago, Gillette started the slogan "The Best Man Can Get". The old slogan should inspire and serve as an incentive. The company now said on its website that everything has changed. The brand has rethinked its communication – the new slogan is now "The Best Men Can Be". German: The best people can have. "From today we are committed to actively challenging stereotypes and expectations of what it means to be human, wherever we meet Gillette," says the website.

Since Sunday video has been clicked more than 3.4 million times. Opinions are divided: clips currently on Youtube are 65 & # 39; 000, and a total of 310 & # 39; Twitter users demand a boycott and decide to never buy the Gillette razor blades again. Men's rights activists and right-wing media also criticize Gillette.

It is criticized that the clip points to all men as sexual offenders, gangsters, or creeps (although the speaker in the clip says that of course some men have long said the right thing or acted right – but that's not enough). In contrast, campaign supporters praised Gillette for addressing an important topic.

Gillette said advertising was a small part of a big campaign. The brand also announced on its website that they would donate $ 3 million to non-profit organizations in the US over the next three years: "Organizations should help men achieve the best – and role models for the next generation."

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