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Experts are worried about new Ebola viruses


Marburg and Ebola viruses spread fear and terror. This is because people can cause hemorrhagic fever, which often ends with death. The two types of pathogens belong to the family of the philosophers, as well as the virus discovered by Asian researchers in China.

Ebola in Sweden

Linfa Wang's team from the Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore identified a previously unknown pathogen in a rosette floating dog liver in southwestern province of China, Yunnan. Fruit bats and bats are considered the main suspects to transmit the Ebola virus to humans – without damaging themselves.

Man is not known

The pathogen, the researchers baptized Menglu, uses the same receptor protein that also used Marburg and Ebola viruses. However, it is genetically different from them, according to Wang and her colleagues in the journal Nature Microbiology. It would be arranged in the family tree between the two.

Whether Mengla virus is as dangerous to humans as close relatives, is still open. It is clear that scientists have been able to infect cells of monkeys, hamsters, dogs and humans elsewhere in the laboratory.

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