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Even the heart can have cancer – when it can happen

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Germany, followed by cancer. The combination of both is bad: cancer at heart. But he is.

Heart tumors are very rare. If this is the case, about three-quarters of the cases of benign tumors – which are also life-threatening and should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Primary heart tumors are particularly rare

One study suggests that primary heart tumors – those that develop in the heart – occur at about 1.38 per 100,000 people a year, the American Heart Association reported late in reports.

May cause genetic anomalies

It is more common for cancer to spread to the heart from the lungs, breasts or other parts of the body, according to Ann Arbor, a cardiologist at the University of Michigan, Frank Cardiovascular Center.

If tumors develop in the heart, they are likely to be "the result of genetic abnormalities," said Leja. Since the heart is not the usual place for cancer growth.

Cancer rarely affects the connective tissue

The reason for this is the heart composition as explained by Scott Schuetze, a professor at the University of Michigan. Therefore, the heart consists of non-cancerous connective tissue. Tumors often develop in epithelial tissues, which direct organs such as the prostate, breast, bowel, pancreas, stomach, esophagus and skin and do not have blood vessels.

Heart disease often affects blood tissue

The heart is sensitive to diseases that affect blood vessels. As an example, Schuetze indicates atherosclerosis and hypertension. Because the heart is highly dependent on blood flow, the heart is exposed to diseases that affect the muscle or pumping function.

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