Sunday , February 28 2021

Do you need it – Apple iPad Pro – Business

The new professional iPad is fast, sleek and comfortable and offers some amenities, such as face recognition. However, there are some unpleasant sensations.

Quick, elegant and easy to use: the new iPad Pro is available in two sizes.

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This is a statement: The new iPad Pro version, says Apple, is faster than 92 percent of all sold last year's mobile computer. Before you lift your laptop into the waste bin, this warning: Apple pays for professional iPads expensive and also has some hooks.

The iPad design has almost nothing to expose. They are two-dimensional, their screens measuring eleven-inches (28 centimeters) or 12.9 inches (less than 33 centimeters in diameter) diagonally, and are almost six millimeters thick. For a smaller device, Apple has retained the exterior dimensions and made the screen a bit bigger, the big body has fallen, but not the screen. Both displays are LCD panels and dissolve high, the screens can be set very bright and, upon request, adjust the color representation to the ambient light.

Apple does not use the fingerprint sensor, like the new iPhones, to create more space for the screen. Instead, camera and depth sensors now also provide easy unlocking with Face Detection on the iPad. However, engineers were able to avoid an unplanned drag on the top of the screen.

For the first time, Apple uses the USB Professional Series iPads as a port. On the one hand, this might be the beginning of the Apple Sonderweg with its flash connection. It also allows the iPad to connect to the monitor, but most applications are only featured. On the other hand, it will change customers who have purchased accessories with a lightning-fast connection.

For example, a pen. Apple has transformed it into a new series and rather improved, silly, old, but not with the new iPads, as he should only connect a lightning-fast connection. The new 135 Euro is expensive, connected wirelessly and there with a magnet on the iPad side. By double tapping the bottom of the pen, you can (within range) start the programmed actions. The range of accessories includes also keyboards that also contain magnetic (219 or 199 euros).

If you choose the best-fitted version with a keyboard and pen, you will get a good 2500 euro. Even though the iPad is faster than many laptops, it is still less flexible – perhaps the best argument for this job is the Apple itself: the group is simultaneously discovering the new versions of the MacBook Air. Thus, the choice between iPad and Macbook (or other laptops) becomes more and more difficult.

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