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Colorless and topless: Vanessa Mai enjoys honeymoon


She takes a break: Vanessa May.

She takes a break: Vanessa May.(Photo: imago / Joachim Sielski)

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

She really deserves it: after her travel, her temporary health crash and her new album, Vanessa Mai is enjoying a break in the Maldives. Her husband is included. But corn fans also get their money.

Maldives is considered a dream holiday destination. But even 365 days a year, only sunlight. Vanessa May document it on the Instagram video page.

Here she leads the viewers through her resort, but there are rains and winds. "Gorgeous, right?" she commented on the event with a lot of irony.

But this is just one of the many posts the singer has missed in the last days when she left Instagram Island Paradise. Almost a week before May, there was a splash in crystalline water in the bathing suit. Since then, she has added new shots every day.

In addition, the May offers not only natural and unusual dishes, even swimming without those who can admire them. However, in the hands of the corn in front of the chest, make sure that the view is not completely clear.

Ten-day honeymoon

May is accompanied by husband Andreas Ferber in the Maldives. For a couple who got married in 2017, this is a late honeymoon. This is from October Instagram report from Corn, in which she wrote: "Aaaaah! We just booked ten days in the honeymoon this year, one year after the wedding, finally!"

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Vanessa May has recently been bloomed by Helen Fisher's touching princess. This year she has completed a wide tour of her album "Rainbow". However, the collapse of April forced them to stop. A little later she reported her recovery. In August, her new album "Schlager" appeared, with which in 2019 it should go on a stadium trip.



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