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Claudia & Michael Wendler: Now it's official: they're getting divorced!

For almost 30 years she was unable to break anything – now Claudia and Michael Wendler become divorced.

"A few months ago, I still believed that I would stay with Michael forever, and we are old together," Claudia Wendler (46) said, like her husband Michael (46) Norberg, whose real name means only recently, in an exclusive interview with

But if there was hope for a retaliation from a couple who had split up in October 2018 after nearly 30 years, then it is probably now extinguished. Since the 46-year-old has now filed for divorce.

In the video below: His new girlfriend (18) is wearing a bright ring – and fans stand out.

They divide!

Schlager-Star in an interview with the broadcaster RTL confirms that they have now officially applied for divorce: "Claudia has made a divorce. We are working friendly to achieve a fair solution for our mutual daughter Adeline."

What is not the love of both was not explained. Whether it was a new 46-year-old girlfriend Laura (18), Claudia hasn't said so far. But she also confirms that they both want to avoid mud fighting: "My relationship is good and my relationship is good. Our daughter-in-law will not have a rose war," says blonde in interview with

Claudia Norberg has not decided to divorce her current request for

The video below is so beautiful!

Not seen for a long time! His daughter Adeline is a true beauty


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