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Chapter 2: The first insights into the content of the final game revealed – the game

Both in major missions and in private beta, players are transformed into Washington D.C. experience.

Ubisoft® today announced content Tom Clancy Division® 2 Private beta versions, including early games and game games, are available for 10-10. Players can pre-download their private beta on February 6th at. 10:00 CET Xbox One, PS4 and PC players can provide access to the private beta version while playing Tom Clancy's Division 2 pre-ordering for involved traders *. Additionally, players can log in to participate in the private beta:

The game can be etc. can be ordered on the following pages:

In the private beta, players can enjoy what they have Tom Clancy's Division 2 expected. After the basics of the White House were set up, agents can move to a transformed Washington DC. dare and release new skills and abilities. They can climb up to seven levels and discover the eastern part of the open world with the following content:

  • Two main tasks are available in Story, Normal and Hard mode
  • Five-party missions and additional activities in an open world
  • A unique PvPvE game in one of the three new dark areas
  • Organized PVP game in conflict mode.

In addition to this content there are also fans Tom Clancy's Division 2 Friday, February 8, at At 17:00 CET, you will be able to get the first practical insight into endgame content with an invaded mission. Players will experience level 30 of the game and will unlock new specialties for survival professionals, sniper or destruction experts.

Tom Clancy's Division 2 will be released on March 15, 2019 for the Xbox One family, including Xbox One X, PlayStation®4 and Windows PC appears.

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