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Bundesliga: Neukirhneru must stop the storm crisis

The storm's pressure is high, and only after 15 points one is not the eighth after the championship track in 13 laps. This is in contradiction with the four winless low austrian championship games, which are 22 points and there are three that clearly exceeds the target.

According to Købauer's successor Ranko Popovic, there were two defeats to Mattersburg (0: 2) and WAC (0: 1) St Pölten with 2: 2 against LASK. The 51-year-old Serbs were able to claim their first victory in their former "living room."

Volunteers old friends

Between 1997 and 2001, the former defender successfully consolidated Grezera's shoes, twice won the championship and after the cup. Neukircheners was in a legendary time, then his teammate. The contact is never broken, both are friends. "During this time the team was very special in spirit. We are still meeting regularly," said Neukircher.

Nobody thought that a few weeks ago they could meet as coach of the Bundesliga. "These are stories written only by football," Popovich said. Therefore, returning to the Merkur Arena during the game is a "special charm" and is more than normal.

St-Pölten trainer Ranko Popovic

GEPA / Walter Luger

Popovic awaits the game with "special charm"

400th league victory in the horizons

In order not to lose sight of the highest victory, one has to take a victory against St. Peltenu "The team has been unsatisfactory in recent weeks, but it does not look mixed up and is completely intact. There are players who highlight a great personality," explained Neukircher. The 46-year-old has hosted many "one to one" talks since Monday. "It's a tried and tested tool. Players know what to expect from them," said the former defender.

Tipico Bundesliga, Round 14

Saturday starts at 17.00

Storm Graz – St. Pölten

Grace, Merkur Arena, SR Hot

Possible Asterisks:

storm: Siebenhandl – Koch, Spendlhofer, Maresic, Schrammel – Lovric – Hierländer, P. Zulj, Kiteishvili – Pink, Eze

Sent Poelten: Riegler – Luan, Ambichl, Drescher – Ingolitsch, Mislov, D. Luxbacher, Hofbauer-Pak, Gartler, Balic

He did not want to get involved in the system. His players, who again draw attention to the 400th win of the Bundesliga home, trusted a new responsible person. "Günther Neukirchner knows the team he has always had with us during the training. The fact that the training has become a bit more intense makes us feel good. Neukirchner and Standfest give us the exact plan of the game," said Peter Zulj.

Popovic estimates the storm is high

Popovic hopes that there will be no training effect. For him, Sturm has been sold so far. "The results were not in line with the playing path. The storm was often better, it had plenty of opportunities, but something was wrong," analyzed St. Pölten coach He does not want to watch too many enemies. "We need to see that our development continues. I want to see that we are moving forward in comparison to the last game," said Popovich, who can rely on the recently suspended Sandro Ingolitsch.

Sturm has won only one of the 14 newest competitions, with three beats and three having won the league since Admira 3-1 on September 15th, most recently 1-1 against Wacker Innsbruck, who paid for Vogel Vogel's job. "Sturm has created a team that plays up to us to keep the class up," recalled Popovic. He is clear: "There is no favorite." Sturm won the last three home games against St Pölten every 3: 2. During the first season, the duels took place 2: 0 downstream of the Austrians.

The LASC receives a rear light

LASC wishes to start again on Saturday after the last four games in five games in the home game against the back of Admira again three points. South Town under coach Rainer Geyer has not yet succeeded, he faces his second game. LASK last split in points 2-2 in the draw at St. Pölten "I do not think that the five winless games are so bad. We've won nine of the last 14 competitive games and lost only once. That's why I'm very happy with the last weeks and months," says LASK coach Oliver Glasner.

Tipico Bundesliga, Round 14

Saturday starts at 17.00

LASK – Admira

TGW Arena, SR Altmann

Possible Asterisks:

Laska: A. Schlager – Ranftl, Trauner, Wostry – Jamnig, Wiesinger, Michorl, Ullmann – Goiginger, Tetteh, Joao Victor

Admira: Leitner – Thölke, D. Toth, Chairman – Zwierschitz, L. Malicsek, Hjulmand, Maier-Sahanek, Bakis, Jakolis

In the current training week, she worked mostly on struggles and beliefs. "We improved the details, I'm sure it will win on Saturday," said 44-year-old LASK coach before his 50th league match. Nevertheless, he will admit Admira, who has not won points in the last three duels against Linz.

Strong impedance is expected

"We do not know exactly what to expect tactically after a coach change. What we know is that they are dangerous at standard level, they are playing fast counterattacks and certainly require all of us," Glasner said. Both teams are separated by 14 pillars, almost the same distance as between the six unchallenged places in LASK and Salzburg (12).

Like the LASK, admirals have won five wins. In German Gejer's premiere, there was a bitter home – 2: 3 against Hartberg. "We were well trained, the guys were busy doing what they were doing. I think we have taken another step forward," Admira coach said optimistic. TGW Arena, he not only wants to rely on secure protection. "We are sure to score a goal with a goal scoring point and, if possible, get optimal points," said Gejer.

Latecomers duels in Innbruck

In West Derbia between Wacker Innsbruck and Altach, two dead arrive on Saturday. Tyrols are ahead of Woerrlbergers, who have scored one point less, in the tenth place. During the final battle, both teams have a bitter need for additional points, as it was very good at the end.

Tipico Bundesliga, Round 14

Saturday starts at 17.00

Innsbruck – Altah

Tivoli Stadium in Tirol, SR Muckenhammer

Possible Asterisks:

Innsbruck: Knett – Schimpelsberger, Hupfauf, Maak, Maranda, Vallci-Henning, Rakowitz, Harrer-Dedic, Dieng

Altach: Cobras – C. Gebauer, Oum Gouet, Piesinger, Luckeneder, Karic-Fischer, Müller, S. Nutz-Dobras, Mwila

Wacker seems to have gradually been in the league. There have been no strikes four times, the last three games against Salzburg (1: 1), Austria (0: 0) and Sturm Graz (1: 1) each ended. This also applies to Altach, who turned against LASK, Mattersburg (1-1) and Rapid (2: 2). Warrlberer is unbeatable in five games, in the previous eight attempts – without victory.

"Will there be games at eye level?"

"In the new league, we are never favorites. Altaham has the same result as us, they have more victories in the last five games, and other statements than us. The beginning of the race was not successful. The starting position is the same, they also have a similar system as we do. , "said Wacker coach Karl Daksbacher.

Even his colleague Werner Grabherr wanted to know nothing about his favorite role: "Wacker Innsbruck is a climber who has survived in the last four stages against Sturm, Salzburg, Austria and LASK, and the game will not seem to be a favorite."

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