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Börse Express – ROUNDUP: Currency Effects Weighs Linde's Balance Sheet

Unwanted currency effect before
Merger with Praxair permanent Linde Group
balance is taking place. The sale went first
nine months, up from the corresponding period of the previous year, increased by 1.7% to 13.05 billion
Euro back, as Linde announced Wednesday evening in Munich. moreover
the first-time application of the accounting standard had an impact
IFRS 15 impacted negatively on sales. Customized for this and
However, currency effects would increase revenue by 4.8 percent.

Performance (Ebitda) grew no less than thank you
The cost savings are 4.2 percent to 3.3 billion. at
Sales and operating profit Linde now wants the highest level throughout the year
Reaching the end of the range range. So far, the people of Munich
Currency adjusted sales are four
Percent Operating profit (Ebitda) could be up to five
Percentage increase.

These figures were well received on the stock market. Linde Plc share price
has risen in favor of one percent.

After years of effort, Linde and its US-based Praxair competitor
after approval by all caretaker authorities, merging them under the roof and
Tray brought However, the merger remains binding
United States antitrust laws – Linde and Praxair have nine
Subdivisions of the industrial gas industry. Until then
The conditions are met, Linde and Praxair have to work
Separate from the rest of the world. IG Metall and
Chemical union IG BCE criticized the merger.

Otherwise, Linde and Praxair want to accelerate the merger
bring the scene Shareholders could already submit their documents
Shares of the merged entity exchange. Shares certificates
are traded in New York and Frankfurt.

Linde AG Extraordinary General Meeting at 12
December is still the remaining eight percent of
Shareholders who are not exchanged for shares are exchanged
Linde plc shares were submitted for cash settlement
turn off.

By the end of January, Linde plc will also need to invest even more
Sell ​​USA Only then can CEO Steve Angel and
Executive Director Wolfgang Reitzle with corporate integration
80 000 employees and over € 24 billion a year
to deal with. In Germany, Linde employs about 7,000 people

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