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Börse Express – AVISO: 100 years of the Ministry of Social Affairs – (K) cause to celebrate – ÖGB action tomorrow


Trade unions inform 100 threatened 100-year social policy outcomes

Vienna (OTS) – 100 years of social ministry: in fact, it's ok for the celebration. But according to the current federal government, the eight-hour day has been abolished, social security has deteriorated, reform of minimum wage subsidies and emergency aid reforms have resulted in attacks on the welfare state from the Ministry of Social Affairs. Therefore, representatives of trade unions and working groups do not participate in the "100 years of the Ministry of Social Affairs" celebration. Chairman of Wolfgang Katzian ÖGB: "We do not like to celebrate when the Ministry of Social Affairs will be the Ministry of Social Welfare." Instead of 100 trade unions, she points to the 100 social achievements of the 100-year-old Ministry of Social Affairs.

Trade unions have formed the Ministry of Social Affairs

Well-known members of the trade union movement have been led by the Ministry of Social Affairs over the past 100 years, including Anton Proksch, or major politicians from the 80's and 90's, Alfred Dallinger, Josef Hesoun and Lore Hostasch. Among them, the predecessors of the ministers were Ferdinand Hanusch, a trade unionist who was a member of the Social Welfare State Secretary when confronted with enormous social problems such as work-related incapacity for war and high unemployment.

Social Security, Works Council Act, Freedom, …

Hanusch, for example, set up a social and unemployment insurance, limiting the weekly working time of women and young people, entitlement to freedom of workers, the Labor Chamber and the Council of Works Councils. In the later years, many important initiatives were taken by the Ministry of Social Affairs, most notably the General Social Security Act (ASVG) in 1955 or the eight-hour day. Some governments have already attacked their heads. Who knows what results are still in danger …

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ÖGB action 100 years old Ministry of Social Affairs – (K) cause for the celebration

Monday, November 5, 9.30 am

The Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna

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