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Blizzard wants to say something more about it

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The Blizzcon 2018 is likely to decrease as the most beneficial Blizzard season, as the announcement of the next Diablo title was so far removed from the sign that the next Shitstorm was not comparable. The company's manager, Brandy Neuvistis, Camel, now promises that the team will develop critique and position on it. Here are the details.

This year, Blizkon could attend the Diablo fans, but it was not this time either. Although it was just the twelfth inner performance of Blizzard, it did not escape the devil's announcement that we were already in the thirteenth year after the first Blizzcon 2005. And then the corpse was cruelly damaged, as we have repeatedly reported in recent days. On the other hand, here too, the low German proverb "Wat den Eenen sin Uhl, Annern sins Nachtigall" refers. The mobile company will undoubtedly accept the announcement of the Diablo Immortal.

The reason for the PR fiasco was not that the Diablo University was notified about the name of the mobile devices, but because nothing more came to the much larger computer community. Already before this year's game Blizzard has promoted Diablo 3 successions by using a smartly inserted video, thus creating great expectations. Although it was alerted shortly before the show, there should not be too much, but during this time most Blizzcon tickets and livestream tickets to the man / woman were brought. Anyone who is advised to buy in anticipation of the big Diablo News would have been grossly angry given that there is no more Diablo upgrade next to Immortal.

The follow up shitstorm is probably the largest Blizzard ever experienced. Instead of providing information, the removal of various dubious actions, such as the resampling of YouTube's high-quality Diablo Immortal videos, or legitimate criticism, has made the situation worse. Now back to Blizzard's headquarters, community manager Brandy's "Non-Valid" Camel now promises that the team will carefully review comments from the last days and comment on it soon.

What we hear is open. The possible thread could be the "nugget" that Nevalis has already dropped from Rhykker's Blizzcon livestream: "It can be said that next season (2019) will be a lot of Diablo 3. And we want to share with you later." With speculation we are very cautious about this Blisters, but in terms of wording this might be the next major announcement that circulates around Diablo 3, such as the second DLC package.

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