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"Bayern" – "AEK" Athens, living in sign: Kovac team want second round


Champions League Live Ticker: Bayern – AEK Athens: today's round of 16?

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With victory over Athens Bayern could reach the Champions League kills with little help. Particularly important is that BVB is the first rider on a weekend. Live ticker game.

Bayern – AEK Athens (at 21:00)

Bavaria: New – Kimmich, Hummels, Boateng, Alaba – Martinez-Müller, Gorecka-Gnabry, Lewandowski, Riberia
AEK: Barkas – Bakakis, Lampropolis, Chygrynskyy, Cosic, Hult – Andre Simoes – Galanopoulos, Alef – Mantalos – Ponce

19:51: These lists are known. Bayern starts Muller, Gorecka and Gnabri starting eleven. Robben is hurt because James is sitting on a bench.

19.10 clock: Winning the Champions League against AEK Athens is a must-have for Bayern, but continued attention has been paid to the explosive Bundesliga summit against Borussia Dortmund at Bayern Munich.

"The game against Athens is important for Saturday, but we still need to look at the game individually," said coach Niko Kovac before Wednesday's trip to Greece's soccer champions. "I know that after the game, it's all about Dortmund, and the respect we need to take on the AEK is also important."

19.00 clock: Important information in advance:

Background: After 2:20 attack in Munich two weeks ago in Athens, everyone expects another good luck. With a win, Bayern could prematurely qualify for the demolition stages if Benfika loses against Ajax Amsterdam.

"We have the opportunity to win by winning and we have to win," said Kovacs. For this purpose, the team should register the speed for the Bundesliga matches in Dortmund, as such a blow would increase BVB's gaps in seven points. "Dortmund comes after it," said Joshua Kimmich.

series After seven wins seven wins in seven seasons in seven seasons, six four games without victory. Then the record champions fought with four successes, but on the sixth day, 1-1 against Freiburg was the next strong mood suppressor. "It was a victory without us shining," said international Kimmichs. "We want to win the game in a sovereign way to regain our self-confidence."

trust: The pressure on Kovac is huge. Kovac sees "inwardly absolute support". Kimmich emphasizes that the team is "absolutely" behind the coach. "At the end of the day is not a referee coach but a player," said the 23-year-old.

Staff: Arjen Robben is bound to block the way in the next Bayern defeat, James Rodríguez's use is questionable. After all, Colombia took part in a final training session that was not held in the morning in an unreasonable manner, in court. There is also a lack of long-wounded Thiago, Corentin Tolisso and Kingsley Coman. The last one happened later to return this week.

eddy: An unforgettable press conference, Instagram news, and internal cubicles – Bayern is currently in an uneasy position. "Personally, it does not bother me, three and a half years, that there is always an uproar," said Kimmich. "I think we all need to be large enough for professionals, it does not forbid us."

rotation: Given the number of starred stars, Kovac's personal capabilities are limited. "We have a big, good-quality team, and everyone has the right to play Munich Bayern," said the coach. "Everyone has his own chance, the key is what we have to do." However, it is still exciting, who goes to central defense and who remains, despite the many deficiencies in the midfield.

opponents: AEK Athens wants to loot after 0: 2 at home in Munich at least respectable from the case. 0: 0 in derbine city against Panathinaikos in Athens has not created any trust. A narrow defeat would be considered successful for the guests.

Video: Players reveal internal: Niko Kovac warns Bayern Mole with a reference to "Caesar and Troy"

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