Wednesday , March 22 2023

BAT: Security Crisis Session


BAT: Crisis Security Session

In Vienna A security service with neo-Nazis worked at the U-committee.

BAT: Crisis Security Session

Chairman Doris Bures Image: APA

How and why the BVT Investigation Commission was actively involved with the apparently extreme right-winged security officer who contacted the neo-Nazi environment, the group leaders meet today. Committee chairman Doris Bures (SP) has convened a meeting to discuss what to do. It is alleged that an employee of an external security company has been working with the committee for about one month as collateral. The responsibility for the men's security scrutiny was shifted to the Directorate of the Interior and Parliament at the weekend. Wolfgang Sobotka (VP), President of the National Council, announced a special Presidency to discuss "how to prevent such a case in the future". Burroughs is keen to discuss today's group leaders and procedural judges today. "The BOM Commission has to be informed immediately when a person has been in charge of the committee for which the respondents were interviewed these days and whether he actually had access to the media space," said Bures. Jan Krainer, leader of the SP group, in the future demanded that such foreign personnel not be "used in such highly sensitive areas of public security." Stricter security measures required Neos mandate Stephanie Krisper, Peter Pilz (a list of mushrooms) spoke of "security collapse." FP Group leader Hans-Jörg Jenewein is interested in a specific contract with an external security company.

The next meeting of the BAT Study Committee will be held on November 27th. Minister of the Interior Herbert Kickl (FP) and Michaela Kardeis, Director-General of Public Security, have been invited.

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