Wednesday , March 22 2023

Apple Pay Termingefluster | Conclusion after 1 week without Apple Watch


Apple Pay is not yet available, but we have some new assumptions about how to get started. In addition, Lukas speaks of his time without Apple Watch, living in Steve of Apple also talked about Apple, and we're talking about options for the iPhone 5G. – Welcome to chat with the apple

Here's an overview of the reports provided:

  • 00:00:00: Intro, apple chat on social media, our new podcast
  • 00:03:20:Speaker Subscriptions: Apple Support Experiences, iPhone Touchscreen Problems, Touch to Cause Problems?
  • 00:12:10: Exclusive Apple Pay Infos: When It Finally Will Begin?
  • 00:16:10: Interview with Steve Wozniak: Does Apple still have the right values?
  • 00:25:40: Lucas Experiment: Exchange Apple Watch after 3 years for normal viewing. Conclusion after a week
  • 00:38:00: Study: How smartphones and social media affect our vacation
  • 00:47:20: 5G: When is it with us? What can it do? What about Apple?

But the first starts with housekeeping. Mail and social media letters included some letters on topics from last week that we read aloud and commented. Therefore, not only iPhone X owners seem to have problems with the touch screen. However, so far only an exchange program has been launched. We also received an answer from the Apple TV Store.

Apple charges have been detained

Our Apple Pay Monitor, we now find out every week: Apple Pay is not there yet. Then, we are continuing with new speculation to get started, and since Luke and I have today all the information from the banking world that we want to share with you.

The other Steve

Steve Jobs is dead, but another Steve, who also founded Apple, is still alive. We are talking about a recent interview with Mac farmers in the early days and commenting on their current views on Apple.

Dear Diary

Luke's experiment continues. By putting a break from Apple Watch, he's even more impressed with smiling something.

When he perceives the difference by re-switching to an analog clock, he tells of this episode.

Social media are essential for holidaymakers?

Where can I be most effective? It sounds absurd, but many tourists choose their destination based on potential expectations and ratings in the social media, a study on the style of travel for smartphone users that we recently reported.

Completely foolish? We are talking about the main facts of the research and now … have an opinion.

5G, then or when?

After all, we're talking about the iPhone 5G. First of all, a little basic explanation is needed. Next year, 5G may not play a role for the final consumer. Why it is, we come to the end of this program.

Enjoy listening!

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