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Announced successor of The Handmaid's Tale

28 November 2011 19.15

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Canadian author Margaret Atvuda has announced the successor to her Dystopian and Feminist novel Hermek's Story. The The Testament series is scheduled for release worldwide in September 2019, Atwood today announced.

Return to Gilead

The story is told by three characters, which is 15 years after the "Rocket Stories". In the 1985 novel, the United States has transformed into a largely sterile society with nuclear disasters, environmental disasters and mutation-related diseases.

In this climate, Gilead, a totalitarian, Christian fundamentalist state in which women have no rights, is being transformed into the United States. It tells about a young woman who should serve as a child's slave.

"Handmaid's Tale" became an English-language class, which has gained new popularity in the debate on women's rights in recent years.
On the offshoot, the inspiration for continuation is also "the world in which we live."

In 2017, this book was filmed with Elizabeth Moss, leading the series and received excellent reviews. The series of red-white garments appeared on several occasions in women's rights protests – just before the nomination of the new Republican Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaug, who was accused of sexual assault.

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