Tuesday , October 26 2021

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In the south, strong snow and rain continue, even if it is much smaller than midday. The snow boundaries are still very different, partly in the eastern arena and in the Upper Carinthia, partly in the valleys, further east to over 1000 m. In Styria and southern Burgenland in the afternoon it starts to rain. Rainfall in the West mostly disappears and clouds rest during the day. North and East are usually dry and the sun and clouds are replaced. The wind blows vigorously in the mountains and in the east from the south, otherwise the wind remains weak or moderate during the day when the wind continues to descend. Initial temperature from 0 to 8 degrees, very light during the day with 3 to 15 degrees.

Wind and spring in Vienna

Sometimes there are clouds, but there are longer sunny periods, especially in the morning and at midday. The wind blows rapidly to the southeast, but in the afternoon it drops significantly. Early temperatures around 7 degrees, day height is about 13 degrees.

Lunar even the sun in Lower Austria

Once again, they cross the dense clouds, but the sun comes in phases. In the afternoon, clouds usually become denser. The wind blows in the mountains and in the east sharply to the storm from the south, but during the day it decreases significantly, in the west it is still weak or moderate. Initial temperature from 2 to 7 degrees, day height from 8 to 14 degrees.

Burgenland: rain in the evening

Again and again the clouds move, but the sun appears longer. In the afternoon, the clouds are thicker and a little rain in the evening, especially in southern Burgenland. From the south, the wind blows strong. Initial temperature from 4 to 8 degrees, day height from 8 to 14 degrees.

Upper Austria

Already on Saturday, the wind is mostly westward and gradually cools the air. The south wind in the mountains continues to weaken. In the morning and early afternoon, it remains mostly dry, except for some rain showers, and the sun is occasionally visible. In the evening, however, rainfall becomes more frequent. Early values: 0 to 5 degrees, Fame is even warmer in the south. Maximum temperature: 4 to 10 degrees.

Snow, rain and sun in Salzburg

On Saturday, the Tauern and Lungau districts are still snowing and snow, with a snow line between 1300 and 1500 m above sea level. In the future it often sunshine to the north. The southern wind is still alive in places, but it gets weaker and weaker. Flachgau's moderate west wind soon begins to emerge, causing little cooling. At the end of the day, rain showers more often. Earlier values: 1 to 7 degrees, here and there more with Föhn. Daily height: 4 to 9 degrees.

Styria: Snow just over 1200 meters

There are many clouds on Saturday, longer sunny sections are expected only in the northern parts of Upper Styria and possibly in the southeast. Especially in the upper Murtal, which rains rain and sometimes snow, the snowfall is currently just over 1200 to 1600 m high. Otherwise, there are only a few showers during the day, but there is more rain on Sunday night. Up to the time of day with a southerly southwest wind is 5 to 12 degrees and sometimes even 15 degrees.

Time Chaos in Carinthia

Saturday in the west and Karawanken in the morning are more intense rainfall. The Unterkärnten hair dryer can again provide a small rainfall break, but later in the afternoon it can also hold rain. The snow border is partly in the east, about 1700 m in Upper Carinthia, but may partly fall to the higher valleys. Initial temperature from 0 to 5 degrees, day height between 1 degree in the west and up to 9 degrees in the south-east of Carinthia.

Snow and rain in Tyrol

Even more abundant in the Eastern Tirol, in a very wet snowfall until about noon, at a low altitude below the 1000-meter transition, which is likely to be rain or rain. In the afternoon, soothe the rain. Even in North Tyrol from the west to the east, which is precipitated by snowfall around or just over 1000 meters, it can already loosen up in the upper country, otherwise the cloud cover will remain quite closed. Very light during the day: minimum: -1 to +4 degrees. Maximum values: 3 to 8 degrees.

Light snow in Vorarlberg

Especially in the morning it remains unstable with some snow showers from Silvretta to Arlberg. In the afternoon, some dry and quite friendly and rather light hours disappear. Lowest values: -1 to +3 degrees. Maximum values: 2 to 6 degrees.

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