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Aaron Paul Becomes Jesse Pinkmans: "The movie Breaking Bad is about it


It was just announced that the Breaking Bad series will continue with the feature film. Who is it and who plays alongside it was unclear – now slashfilm colleagues light up in the dark …

AMC will produce three movies about the legend of The Walking Dead by Rick Grimes, a continuation of the series – this is not the only surprising news that series fans are discussing these days. As the station wants to continue another hit series as a movie: "Breaking Bad" for former chemist and masterful chef Walter White (Bryan Cranston) will return as an artwork, shooting will begin this month.

This content was previously known only because it should go to the person who was abducted and sought freedom. Good Writing SlashFILMthat this man is none other than Walter White's former assistant Jesse Pinkman. If colleagues are fair, fans can gladly see Aaron Pula again "spoil the bad" cover!

This is known as the "Breaking Bad" piece of the film

Attention, at the end of the Breaking Bad spoilers: Valter White, also known as Heisenberg, has died – he died in the drug cabinet shortly after he had finished the bloody battle of the Neon Nazi group. Criminals, among other things, brought Jesse to their advantage. He was forced to cook at the famous time and had to regard his love, Andrea (Emilia Rios), after an unsuccessful attempt to escape as a penalty. After Walters attack Jesse finally came free. But when he drives with his car at night, laughing laughingly, this latest attitude remained for the audience to be long members.

It was clear: Jesse, who had made many wrong decisions but always had a good foundation, would still have to contend with what he was in the final, which he experienced in the five years of Breaking Bad. As the author and series maker Vince Gilligan will see Jesse fight for freedom, the movie without the name "Breaking Bad" will continue. Bryan Cranston will not be there again (unless there is a flashbacks or Gilligan does not decide that Walter White's death scenes are not dead).

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