Wednesday , March 22 2023

A stable Christmas business, expected in Styria in 2018


Graz (APA) – After a slightly mixed third quarter of the weather, Styrian trade is expecting a solid Christmas business in 2018. According to survey surveys by SMEs, the mediums will spend on average 370 euros for gifts – just as in the previous year. According to a survey, the gifts this year will be slightly lower than the average of seven seven packages.

Spartenobmann Gerhard Wohlmuth underlined the development of sales in the Styria retail sector: in the first quarter it was still plus 2.6 percent, while the second plus 1.6 percent was recorded, while in the third quarter it was -0.8 percent compared to the previous year. "Trade is heavily dependent on time," he said, referring to an unusually warm autumn. It was only last weekend that the first snow was almost everywhere in Styria. A few days ago you could practice short sleeves, Wohlmuth. In particular, in the months of September and October, the fashion industry has been weak.

Now there is the hope for the fourth quarter, which traditionally generates the highest revenues, especially in December, when revenue is expected to be about 27 percent higher than in other months, said Ernst Gittenberger of SME Research Austria. However, it can be seen that the significance of Christmas business in the retail sector is quite smaller. In the past year, a one-percent increase was achieved with the Christmas business. According to the survey, the level should be maintained in 2018.

At the same time, the gap between buyers who bought earlier and earlier is beginning to expand. Initially, since early November, the proportion of Christmas buyers has dropped from 15 to 15 percent since 2015. Meanwhile, the share of "late Christmas buyers" in three months – those who bought gifts in the second half of December increased from 31 to 40 percent. Christmas tree is the most common 39 percent inexperienced coupon. Clothing has evolved from fourth to second place, but books and toys have fallen slightly. According to Gittenberger, the money is being returned more and more: the proportion has risen to 15 percent – from the tenth to eighth most often present Christmas gift.

Even after Christmas Eve sales will be satisfied with business. Coupons are redeemed, and usually the customer gives 15% of the coupon value on it. The situation is similar to the exchange: "The market is happy to exchange, because customers spend more," said Wohlmuth. At the same time, the increase in Christmas shopping online is somewhat corrected. 35 percent of the Stylists buy their presents online – 34 percent in the previous year. One of seven gifts will be online. One in eight euros for the gift flow "on the Internet", and thus often by foreign service providers, regrets Wohlmuth.

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