Saturday , June 10 2023

20 minutes – 200 people die in the Congo with the help of Ebola


Since the outbreak of Ebola two months ago, 201 people died of 201 illness in the Congolese city. So far, Ebola's virus has been confirmed in 291 cases, the Congolese Health Ministry said on Saturday night. More than 28 000 people have been vaccinated against this disease.

The recent outbreak of a dangerous haemorrhagic fever focuses on the city of Benin and its surroundings in the troubled North Kivu province. There are several militias and rebel groups that make it difficult for donors to quickly visit patients, isolate and communicate with their relatives. There is also resistance to vaccination, which is characterized by high government mistrust, resistance.

Ebola virus is one of the most dangerous pathogens in the world, causing fever and often an array of internal bleeding. The 2014-2018 epidemic. Over 11,000 people died in West Africa. Infected people can easily carry the virus.


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