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What really happens behind Kerri-Anne and Yumi stoush


If you are an Australian colored woman, you can often be stuck in Bermuda's triple conversation.

Allows me to explain.

I'm in a conversation or conversation with a colleague or online. I am talking about the challenges of becoming a Muslim woman as a second-generation migrant in Australia.

I have been told by a white man (or woman) colleague or colleague or online commentator.About what Saudi Arabia. Are you not happy that you do not live in Saudi Arabia. Look how they live? And instead of complaining about x, y, z in Australia, what are you doing about Saudi women? ”

About what. About what. It's so common that I have almost routine.

This is the same tactic, perhaps unconsciously, used by Kerri-Anne Kennerley in her rocking chair with Yumi Stynes ​​in the studio "Tennis" this week.

But don't be fooled what is good.

These same people, who describe and ignore my experience in women's care, do not seem to see the irony of talking about me or throw red herring to break the conversation.

That's what what is good is – an attempt to humiliate, diminish, silence and diverge.

This is as if two problems cannot occur at the same time. As with any question, it does not allow action and action, not collective responsibility.

This is the tactics of diversion Tara Moss in his book called "faux concern troll" Speaking. A person essentially excludes a conversation, pointing to another situation elsewhere, tactics that can occur in all areas and settings.

"Maybe you should spend less time on X and more time on Y" should be warned that Diversion 1, AKA Faux Concern Troll may be activated, "Moss writes.

She gives her example "Maybe you should spend less time worrying about refugees and more time worrying about the poor born in your country."

The question is not whether Kennerley's comments were racist.

It is important not to get into the hole of the rabbit smoke and mirrors what is goodbut see what it is. This diversion trick is what Toni Morrison has spoken in his famous quotation: "Function, a very serious function of racism is a nuisance. It doesn't allow you to do your job. This explains your reason again and again. "

Instead of linking yourself to knots, trying to get involved which is bettery, the best way to deal with it is to call the deviation on what it is, question it and put it back on the deflector.

The purpose of this deviation is often not related to women's concerns. Protecting the fights of minority women and using it as racist ammunition to dehumanize them under the guise of "care" is as old as colonialism.

Egyptian American scientist Leila Ahmed in his book Women and Gender in Islam notes that feminist language is often used to justify emperor projects. 19th Century British Colonial Administrator in Egypt, Lord Kromer often used feminist language as a veneers to justify the dominance of England, deploring the attitude of local women as a justification for forced reform of "culturally inferior" Egyptians with favorable English intervention.

"Feminism on the front of the house and feminism against white men had to be fought and eliminated, but abroad and fought against the culture of colonized peoples, it can be promoted in a way that has worked wonderfully and promoted a white-man domination project. , ”Writes Professor Ahmed.

“Colonial Patriarchs… took the right to denounce local ways… for any reason they claimed to serve — civilizing society, crystallizing it, or saving women from strange culture and religion in which they had a misfortune. "

"In the hands of patriarchal men or feminists, western feminism ideas were basically working to morally base attacks on local communities and to support the notion of Europe's overarching superiority."

(Pervers has also shown that men's power brokers are being used against Muslim female activists who are being demolished as too western and “colonial” to seek greater autonomy and rights for women in their communities.

As for my divers, Saudi women were the subject to be used as an exotic and dehumanized abstraction to strengthen their superiority and further racize women from the world as helpless victims who need to save. But more important is to keep women activists in the West in their place.

One of the positive things that resulted from this deviation is indeed the connection with feminist women in Saudi Arabia, although the parallels, despite their focus on "action" and women, are unattractive.

I discovered that artists, poets, and academics who protested against the regime's custodian Tale-style custody system were a thriving underworld, and they are far from sad and useless women predicted in Western media.

The time has come to squeeze out the riders, bypass them and bypass them, to understand your maneuver as a blockage of roads that you have to drive around, but you can never stop the move to progress.

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