Wednesday , February 24 2021

Uncontaminated Racist Race for Air India Flight

The NSW government will vote for Sidney Blocker Laws

The NSW National Parliament has to vote on whether to remove Sydney's controversial blocking laws, while the National Emergency Services Team urges politicians not to change.

The laws were introduced in 2014 and would prevent people from coming to licensed locations after 1.30. May, but in October, shooters, anglers and farmers' party introduced legislation to the parliament on the abolition of the law.

Shooters MP Robert Borsak said at a time when his party believed in "freedom of choice."

But Last Drinks spokeswoman Tony Sara said that the laws that have been in force since 2014 have spared life and eliminated thousands of injuries.

He said the St. Vincent Hospital had experienced a severe headache injury of 50%, and all politicians would be prudent to eliminate the law.

Dr. Sarah warned that politicians abandoning the law will return to Sydney for "ill-alcohol-induced violence, sexual assaults and deaths." "Do not do this. If you have, you will have blood," Dr. Sara told reporters.

"You talk to the parents of the young men who died – they see it as a profit before life."

Photo of the protest that took place outside the NSW National Parliament last month. Image: Clarissa Bye

Photo of the protest that took place outside the NSW National Parliament last month. Image: Clarissa ByeSource:News corp australia

Lawyer's "shameful" medieval race

A woman was arrested after flying to London after racist, custody robbery, when the crew refused to serve him more wine.

The 50-year-old woman, who is considered Irish, reportedly started drinking air India crews, and people called it "shameful" when they shared material about the incident through social media.

"I am an international lawyer. I work for everyone who loves you … Rohingyas, who is an Asian resident, you have an international criminal lawyer. Do not get any money for it. But you will not give me a glass of wine, is it right? "She can be heard screaming at the crew member.

She then asks if they are "against all business class passengers, for example, about this?" Before saying that she would have been served if she were to be "a rich Indian f *** ing money capture b ** funeral".

The video shows that she even has some of the flight attendants, and one of the staff members shows the bruises that probably left the woman.

Many people praised the calm way the staff responded to the horror situation.

"The great team of Air India team's professional behavior. What can be said about this passenger? Insubstantive behavior – she should be on a non-flying list," said a man.

Metropolitan police said the woman was arrested when the flight came "suspected of deteriorating public order, ordinary assault, and drunk and uncontrollable."

Bali Nine Lawrence faces arrest Aust

Bali Nine drug smuggler Renae Lawrence is reported to be arrested when she arrives in Sidney next week after she has spent more than 13 years behind the Indian tracks.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the police will arrest a 41-year-old if a high-speed pursuit of a stolen car was possible on the NSW Central Coast in March 2005.

One month after Lawrence had to face prosecution, she was arrested with 2.2 kilograms of heroin related to his back and feet at Bali airport and eight other Australians who tried to smuggle drugs.

She has finally decided to face the prosecution of a car when she returns to Sydney after she was released from an Indonesian prison on Wednesday when he had passed a 13-year-old sentence of 20 years.

"The 41-year-old woman has two excellent criminal offenses, including removal of a car, unlicensed driving, speeding and non-compliance with police regulations," the police spokesman said.


Condemned drug smuggling Renae Lawrence (L) faces an arrest when she returns to Australia. Image: Sonny Tumbelaka / AFP

Condemned drug smuggling Renae Lawrence (L) faces an arrest when she returns to Australia. Image: Sonny Tumbelaka / AFPSource:AFP

My health withdrawal date has been extended

The government has extended the date when people can opt out of the controversial My Health Record after issues related to the site.

Federal Minister of Health Greg Huntan yesterday confirmed that the Senate has agreed to extend the withdrawal period.

"The opt-out period will be extended until January 31, 2019, but it's important to note that people can refuse at any time," he said.

Initial withdrawal deadline was set for Friday at noon. 3:00 (AEDT), and many Australians who access the site tried to remove their information from the scheme.

However, issues related to the website meant that many could not, and the agency responsible for my health was flooded with complaints.

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