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This movie is delightful, but it's as strange as hell / movie

Elf Honest Trailer

It's hard to make a Christmas movie that becomes a festive blow you want to watch every year. Most of the Christmas movie you just watch is simply because it's around the Yuletide season, but every time you have a true classmate, which is a time test.

Perhaps the only true contemporary Christmas classic is Elf from 2003, and it's so enjoyable that not even Honest trailers can give yourself something bad about it. But for them, of course, is a fun diving, as the strange story of this makes it. Get the holiday spirit by watching Elf Honest trailer below.

Elf Honest Trailer

Although Buddy Elf is pure and innocent, the story surrounding him is more than a little twisted. The boyfriend is a kid from a stand-alone stand that was taken away from the Santa Claus accidentally stolen from Santa Claus, prompted by the elves who lied about his identity, left to feel like a spill, and was then sent to walk to New York to try and win over his father, who does not even know that he exists.

This story is so weird that no one seems to be surprised or cared about that Santa Claus is real. Everyone simply accepts it as another normal thing. But I think people in New York have seen everything so that it would not really be amazing. God himself could appear in the middle of the Times Square, and people just complain of traffic.

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