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The Sri Lankan ODI team crisis after Lasith Maling's wife is striving for a star

Sri Lankan cricket is one of the lowest points of the country's corruption scandal.

But it is getting worse.

The controversy seems to be contradictory, but there is a mismatch on the side of Sri Lanka's ODI after the wife of ODI Captain Lasith Maling broke into the ball separating the team.

Malinga's wife, Tanya, has claimed that Allar Perher asked the Sri Lankan sports minister to help him on the ODI side to secure the beginning of this month.

Perera hit back, stressing his recent ODI record for Sri Lanka, and slamming Malinga's wife destroying the locker room in a letter to Ashril's Cricket executive Ashley de Silva.

"When this type of accusation is presented by the historical captain's wife in social media, it is difficult to prevent the general public from believing and continuing to murder me in various ways," the letter read on ESPN Cricinfo.

Thisara Perera has returned to the allegations of the teammate's wife. Photo / Getty Images
Thisara Perera has returned to the allegations of the teammate's wife. Photo / Getty Images

"Since then, the dressing room has been general [the Facebook post] and, frankly, the environment for young people was rather unpleasant, especially if the two older players were not on the same page. We cannot play as a team with friction.

"The role of management is to build stability and unity in the team before it can begin with the gaming plan. At this point, I regret that we had none of the above."

20 ODIs Since the beginning of 2018, Perera has scored 639 goals on average of 42.60, including his girl ODI centuries and thirties. He has also taken 27 goals on average 25.

He called on the Sri Lankan cricket leadership to intervene only months after the World Cup began in May.

"We are at the edge of the World Cup. Our attention and attention should be paid to make it perfect, not to be an unsuccessful social media. This team is extremely necessary for constant leadership and leadership. These issues need to be corrected before the World Cup. and seniors have to set an example, ”he wrote.

"We have become the laughing stock of a nation because of one person's personal sorrow. It is not something easy, especially at the moment. I humbly ask SLC to intervene and help us overcome our differences and move forward with renewed confidence and a sense of unity."

Malinga was appointed captain of Sri Lanka before the ODI series in January in New Zealand when T20 was ruled by Perera and ODI captain from Dinesh Chandimal.

Sri Lanka lost all his white ball games to New Zealand tour.

Sri Lankan cricket legend was tired of social media antics.

Sri Lanka is probably the only country that can claim to have been harder for 12 months than Australia.

The International Criminal Court has confirmed this week that it has received new information in the investigation of corruption in the country in the field of sport, as a 15-day amnesty for those who report on completion.

Last Captain and Selector Sanath Jayasuriya last October was requested by the International Criminal Court, refusing to cooperate with the sports anti-corruption unit.

He denied any violations.

Former fast and former bowling coach Nuwan Zoysa was also stopped last year in Sri Lanka's cricket rallying competition.

Sri Lanka's tour was hit before it started when Angelo Mathews was offended while infantry Lahir Kumara and Dushmantha Chameera joined him with injuries after Gabba's loss.

Sri Lanka's excitement with Australia has led another coach when coach Chandika Hathurusingha was removed from the team selection panel.

Lasith Malinga. Photo / Getty Images
Lasith Malinga. Photo / Getty Images

Still lurking from home test series losses to England and New Zealand's seat belt on this trip, Hathurusingha's removal takes place after it was lost in birth, and 140 trips to Australia in Gabba.

Sri Lankan cricket confirmed the movement in the announcement before the Canberra test, which begins on Friday.

"Team selection during a team trip is made by a committee composed of a team leader and a captain, in consultation with the national selection committee," reads the statement.

"This decision was made in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Sport, taking into account the need for an effective and transparent selection mechanism while the team is traveling."

Sri Lankan bowling coach Rumesh Ratnayake tried to spin the last catastrophe positively.

"It has been a tough journey for us, we knew it would be before we started it," he said.

"Say that when someone is down, they are the strongest."

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