Tuesday , February 7 2023

The Queensland man is $ 60 million richer than the Powerball jackpot solo winner


Queenslund says he's "shaken" after winning $ 60 million because the only Powerball winner wins the whole night.

Burkehead Heads Senior Winner Jackpot is the second largest Division Award ever won with one entry in the Australian Lottery History.

"Is this a joke, you should definitely become angry with me," he told lottery officials when he was called to him last night.

"It's incredible. I'm a bit stunned. I do not know what to say.

"I'm shaken. I can not move it.

"It's really a bit daunting. Be honest, I've never thought about what I'm doing if I win $ 60 million.

"It's a dream, you enter it, and you do not want to win it.

"I'd better tighten my ticket."

Last night's champion, over $ 1.5 million, another prize was earned in two to nine in two parts worth $ 27.54 million.

Two of two winners won a prize of $ 381,369.65.

The winner of the Gold Coast Jackpot said that he often bought tickets for whims and never won more than $ 600.

Although he retired, he said he was still "young enough that I would still have plenty of time to enjoy it."

"Most likely, I will share it with my families and go on a good day off," said the man.

"I'm over the Moon, it's only life-changing, I'm shaking.

"I will not make much sleep tonight."

Hervey Bay's Grandparents were worth 70 million in 2016, with the largest breakdown of one winning single record.

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