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The Papua New Guinea link PNG occupies a new dash of 8-400


Today, Papua New Guinea carrier and Air Niugini subsidiary Link PNG has delivered one De Havilland Dash 8-400. Although the plane is new to the airline, it is actually over 13 years old and the first test flight took place in 2007. This particular turboprop was scheduled for delivery in 2019, but delays, exacerbated by the global health crisis, have pushed the timeline for the aircraft to enter the Link PNG fleet.

Dash 8-400
The aircraft had its first test flight in 2007, making it over 13 years old. It first flew in 2008 with American clothing Lynx Aviation. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia Commons

Current aircraft information

The news about the delivery of the aircraft came from the website of Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) in a press release on 5 December. The Danish aircraft lessor confirmed the delivery of one De Havilland Dash 8-400 (MSN 4184) to Link PNG for lease.

The NAC points out that, until now, the delay in delivery has been limited by travel restrictions. However, the landlord claims this “Improved conditions and the easing of restrictions in Papua New Guinea have allowed delivery to take place,” adding “MSN 4184 is the last aircraft to be delivered in a two-aircraft transaction.”

At present, data on the actual registration of the aircraft is not available. This is probably because Papua New Guinea’s civil aviation authorities have yet to designate it. However, we are quite sure that the registration of the aircraft will start with the Papua New Guinea citizenship sign P2.

The photos of the aircraft taken on an unknown date show the Dash 8 Air Niugini in color with the lessor registration OY-YCY. Sorry, we are unable to share these images due to copyright.

Dash 8 -400
De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400 flew with Air Berlin from 2014 to 2017. Photo: Jeroen Stroes Aviation Photography, using Wikimedia Commons

As far as we know, the aircraft is configured in an economical layout with 74 seats. According to, the layout has remained the same for most of the aircraft’s operating time. However, in 2011 it was registered as 72 seats on the Swiss carrier SkyWork Airlines.

Previous operators with whom the airplane has flown include:

  • Lynx Aviation (USA)
  • Frontier Airlines (USA)
  • Skyservice Business Aviation (Canada)
  • Air Berlin and Eurowings (while in fact operated by LGW – Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter) (Germany)

The turbopropers then entered Nordic Aviation Capital in early 2020.

Dash 8-200
Link PNG is a subsidiary of Air Niugini and has its own AOC. Photo: Paul Nelham using Wikimedia Commons

Link PNG is a regional carrier and subsidiary of Air Niugini. Its fleet is located outside Port Moresby Jackson International Airport.

Air Niugini flight PX56
Unfortunately, Air Niugini is known for its 73rd flight in 2018, during which there were 737-800 lands in Micronesia up to the runway at Chuuk International Airport, resulting in the lowering of water and this famous photograph. Photo: US Navy photo by Zach Niezgodski using Wikimedia Commons

The subsidiary itself was set up as part of the airline restructuring and operates under a separate air operator’s certificate (AOC). It serves provincial and district routes through Papua New Guinea.

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