Tuesday , February 7 2023

The Nintendo switch adds three more NES games next week


The Nintendo browser's online service, along with online gaming and cloud storage, allows subscribers to access the classic NES gaming library, which Nintendo plans to regularly expand with more names each month. In October, the new version brought NES Open, Super Dodge Ball and Solomon's Key service, and now another NES game will be recorded next week.

On Wednesday, November 14, Wednesday, November 14, Nintendo launches three more NES games for Nintendo Switch Online. Supplements to this month include the Konami top-down shoot & # 39; em-up TwinBee, the platform-rich Bomb Jack and Nintendo's classic sci-fi adventure Metroid. You can view each and every game of the trailer below.

In addition to the three names added by Nintendo to the NES library last month, the October update included an additional surprise: special golden legend conservation data that allows members to access the entire arsenal of Link weapons and thousands of rupees. The company has teased that more "fun new entry points for fans of the favorite games" is on the road, so the games of the next week may include a similar surprise.

There are currently 23 NES games available for the service, while new users arrive every month. In December, Nintendo will join the adventures of Wario's Woods, Ninja Gaiden and Lolo. There are no names yet, but we've created a NES gaming gallery that we want to see for the added service.

All NES games Switch to support the online game, although traditionally single-player titles, such as Metroid, come in the form of screen sharing and "pass" control of the back and forth game. If you need help finding out how to set up a session, we've outlined how to play Switch's NES games online. Switching Online subscribers can also pre-order the NES-type Joy-Con controller, which is scheduled to begin shipping in mid-December.

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