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The Melbourne restaurant Pablo's Escoburgers sparkles under the name of the menu

The pop-up burger café, located in the Melbourne hipster district of Prague, takes over the largest postage on the internet.

Pablo's Escoburgers, named after the notorious Colombian drug ruler Pablo Escobara, uploaded a controversial burger picture on his Facebook page last Wednesday.

Since the image upload – with a signature that reads "infamous patron burgers that people have been imposed on" – many people are lashed into the company for their bad taste.

This is a hamburger image with a white powder line (garlic flour) and rolled, fake $ 100 note.

Escobar led the Colombian cartel, which delivered most of the world's cocaine in the late 1980s.

"Not really sure how to feel," someone sent out, marking his friends.

"What the white powder is sprinkled over the arrow," another commentator asked.

“How can we explain to you that it is not good? Try to do it with Hitler and see what happens. Use your brain crowd, ”added another user.

Others continued to say that it was a "worship of drug use".

But not all were offended and came to defend the burger business, even thanks to their creativity.

"I love it. A great game on words. Increase peps," said one person.

"Elli, yes! Drama aside! These burgers are delicious! Everyone has to stop to be parallel! Go eat burgers already, ”added another Facebook user.

"Looks amazing! Love all the princesses who complain about haha. ”

On Saturday, Escoburger co-owner Vaughn Mark took his Facebook page saying that the restaurant had received a lot of hatred from the Colombian community, "blessing their souls."

“If you can take 2 minutes to review us to replace the 2 star rating we have now, it would be great! Thank you for your love. You can clearly see the difference between people who have tried our delicious burgers and Colombians who just don't like the word. Thank you. "

Due to the outrage of the image, the pop-up the next day issued a formal announcement on the Escoburgers Faebook page titled “Not here to offend”.

"We are very proud of our burgers, but we also understand that Pablo Escobar was a terrible man who destroyed thousands of Colombian lives," the statement said.

“We do not support, do or offer Pablo Emilio Escobar under any circumstances. However, we are Australian residents and know how to laugh in good game words.

“It's just the name of a pop-up burger bar, which is not a theme. In 2019, it is not difficult to offend someone. ”

Facebook's announcement continued to demand many Colombian residents for burgers.

“Take high roads, take it to rest and learn to forgive and forget! In any case, we love you in a very "very good" way and know that you will love our burgers. Enjoy!"

Escobar became lousy as a Medellin drug cartel leader who delivered most of the world's cocaine in the late 1980s. The cartel wars saw Colombia becoming the capital of the world's murder, and Escobar paid the police for hundreds of hits. He was shot in 1993.

Mark said he had no plans to change the name of the pop-up window.

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