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The look of ARIA by Bob Geldof promotes a debate on international acts on Aussie Awards


November 29, 2018 16:45:02

The predecessor of Boomtown Rabbi, Bob Geldof, has been criticized in social media for his inaccessible stage presence and "cringe-inducing" banter at the ARIA Awards on Wednesday evening.

Key points:

  • Rock's legendary joke about Keith Urban made a sigh of audiences
  • But she praised Kasey Chambers to applaud
  • The appearance sparked a debate on the distribution of international law at the Australian Awards Ceremony

Geldof was promoted to the final prize for the night – The Song of the Year.

After Keith Urban introduced the ceremony, Geldof seems to have forgotten the name of the county singer.

"Welcome to ARIA," Urban said.

Geldof responded with something that sounded like "thank you Jim" and very little as Keith.

Urban asked Live Aid for organizing the award ceremony in 1991, for which he joked that he could not remember the event.

The monster between the two created a frightening reaction from the crowd, with Geldof's joke about the activities of Urban, making the embarrassing sinners.

Geldof went to the script before announcing the vote, saying he could not read the teleprompter.

"I impose it, but it sounds like good to me," he said.

He thanked the rural musician Cassie Chambers, who was introduced to the Hall of Fame, "not only for outstanding music, but also for him as a human, she is amazing."

It prompted the emotional response from the cameras and applauded the audience.

Appearance triggered a social media debate about international artists appearing in the Australian awards show, and some viewers claim that the Geldof segment was "completely outraged" and "awkward".

"We have our stars – let them shine," said an ABC Twitter viewer.

"Its goal is to recognize local achievements, and in principle I think that managers should be Australian," added another.


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