Thursday , March 30 2023

The Fortnite v6.30 includes the Mounted Turret and the new Food Fighting Mode


In its latest limited-time mode (LTM), Fortnite highlights Durr-Burger and Pizza Pit characters against each other, creating barriers for separating two opponents. The game mode is quite a bit of a battle to destroy other team talismans. Build a fort to protect your restaurant talisman. A true culinary war.

This mode does not have explosive weapons or objects, and players will restore their inventory after seven seconds.

Together with Food Fight Limited, Epic also added a new solo event called the Scavenger Pop-Up Cup. "Scavenger will test several gaming adjustments, reduce material boundaries, get materials faster and earn health for eliminations," Epics writes. Fortnite had discovered that the update would create a new tower weapon installed.

When Fortnite Food fighters approach the mascot of the enemy team, they will have to destroy their head to win.

The platform in which the players place the turret are automatically opaque and have unlimited ammunition capability. In addition, it has several small tweaks and changes, such as Pickaxes, which now deals with 20 damage, not 10. This test is over and, as reported by our sister site PC Gamer, the results were not too hot: Epic has disabled the flyers transfer all the default modes as part of today's update (v6.30). Perhaps players only get some of their own stroller applications in one game, or maybe there will be a need for height. Conversely, the re-placement of the glider allowed players to get out of sight when they flew away. The ability to force players to stay on foot, but it also felt unfair to some.

The Epic Games first announced this feature in October and said players could re-position their climbers as long as there were at least three stories before landing.

Fortnite is a better game when it is the most unique.

See the Epic Games Notice for a complete list of patch changes.

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